Diy Countertops

By Max Sheppard

Looking to create a better countertop design? DIY countertop projects, whether in a bathroom or kitchen, are easy to do! Choosing from a variety of plastic laminates allows each project to be personalized for the needs of the homeowner.

No kitchen, bathroom, or area where work is performed is complete without counter tops. When refurbishing an existing kitchen or designing a new kitchen or bathroom, counter tops are at the heart of the design dcor. In fact, the countertops your select have the most impact and they are usually the most important part of these rooms.

Therefore, the person who loves doing things himself (or herself, as the case may be), will find replacing or refinishing counter tops a fun and enjoyable activity. The satisfaction that comes from seeing your own handiwork before you and being able to use it for one or many purposes is like no other.

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Combining functionality with self-help when choosing counter tops

Counter tops can be an efficient work surface or just an aesthetic design statement, depending on what you want them to be. They can be made from a wide range of materials, some of which are plastic laminates. Formica and Wilson art are two well known, and well-recognized brand names when it comes to kitchen and bath counter tops.

Plastic laminates come in a variety of color choices and finish to suit all discerning tastes and the best feature of these counter tops is that they are durable and easy to clean, bringing down the after care for the homeowner. These are features that should be looked for when choosing counter top material

Laminates can wear out over time and tastes can change, so do put in a little thought before settling on the color and design. Doing it yourself would be an economical option and if you have the patience and basic skills, you can undertake this project and treat yourself to a brand new counter top in a matter of a few hours.

Guidelines For Doing Your Counter Top Yourself

An easy option is to buy pre-made tops from a local home center, which typically come in 2-foot increments, ranging from 4 to 12 feet long, with a standard curved or beveled-front edge. Counters that are pre-mitered are available.

These use a special adhesive at the joint. Additionally, pre-cut slots under the counter serve to hold connector bolts, which are then fitted into slots that have been pre-cut. The two pieces are then joined together, and the joint is fastened securely.

Make your cutouts using a jigsaw that is fit with a down-cutting blade (the teeth are set to cut on the downward motion of the blade to avoid chipping out the laminate). A belt sander is can be used to sand and scribe the back edges of the counter to the wall and the joint covered with wood, laminate or tile splash. These kits come with comprehensive instructions and are readily available at larger home centers and lumberyards, either in stock or by special order.

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Wall Crosses Ideas For Creating Inspiring Focal Points

By Angela Glancy

Crosses are available in all styles and sizes, and many people decorate with wall crosses for a variety of reasons. No matter the reasons, there are many creative ways to decorate with wall crosses and create dramatic and inspiring focal points throughout the home. Consider the following ideas for creating inspiring focal points using crosses and other beautiful wall decor, and transform an ordinary wall into a well decorated and highly inspiring area within the home.

Ideas for Decorating a Foyer

The foyer is the first area guests see as they walk in the door, and an inspiring focal point can be created with wall crosses and candle wall sconces. Consider mounting a wrought iron or metal wall cross on an empty vertical space in the foyer, and center an attractive shelf several inches beneath. Use the shelf to display beautiful eye-catching floral or religious figurines, and place a small decorative jar candle in the center. Light the candle to illuminate the cross and create an inspiring and exceptionally lovely focal point in the foyer.

Ideas for Decorating a Hallway with Elegant Crosses

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Many people use their hallways as photo galleries and places to hang items they do not have room for anywhere else. If the end of a hallway is bare, consider buying a lovely wall cross. A hallway is the ideal place to hang one, and it will be an inspiring display that can adorn the home for years to come. A high-quality cross can also be passed down from generation to generation, and it will be treasured for a lifetime.

Metal Crosses and Bedroom Decor

Large metal wall crosses look fantastic on an expansive wall, and the bedroom is another ideal location to display an elaborately designed metal cross with inspiring appeal. It can become a focal point above the head of the bed or another empty space along with the addition of coordinating metal plaques or candle sconces. Select a pair of stylish metal plaques or candle sconces that go well with the cross, and mount them approximately six inches from both sides. The eyes will naturally be drawn to this focal point, and it will add a great deal of beauty to the room.

Decorating a Dining Room with Beautiful Crosses

Wall crosses of size can also be used as a focal point in a dining room. Center an elegant metal cross on a bare dining room wall, and mount decorative matching candle sconces on both sides. Candle wall sconces are designed to match every decorating style, and they are the perfect accompaniment to elegantly detailed wall crosses. Choose candles that match the accent colors of the room, and light them shortly before guests arrive. Not only will the display make a striking impression, but the candles will also bathe the room in amber light while creating an inspiring focal point.

No matter where large decorative wall crosses are displayed in the home they will add style and elegance. With a few creative accents they will become the focal point of the room, and they will add inspiring beauty and detailed design. It will be a focal point that reflects the spirit of the homeowner and the powerful message it represents.

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Bathroom Features You Cannot Live Without, The Vanity Lighting And The Mirror

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By Tommy Kenningston

There are two things that you cannot ignore when you remodel your bathroom. These are mirrors and lighting fixtures. When the mirror reflects images poorly, what will be there to see? Women and men will both appreciate mirrors that can give them true reflections as this will give them more confidence when they step out of the house.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is my bathroom looking fair at all?

Bathroom mirrors can create an illusion of a bigger space. For this reason, home owners sometimes place broad mirrors in the living room, even if the room is already big. You can create your own mirror design if you want to release the creative side in you. On the other hand, you can just purchase one from stores. The mirror will not only make your bathroom appear bigger, it will recreate that complete artistic look for your bathroom if your have made the right choice. Dont forget that you need the mirror to function properly when you need it to.

Choose a mirror that will complement the whole look of the bathroom. There is no need for you to fall in love with a beautiful mirror design only to find out that it is absolutely striking in your bathroom, unless you want something that stands out. A low maintenance mirror will save your time on cleaning. These are amongst the things you ought to consider.

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Making your own mirror will be fun. Since mirrors are personal things, you can reflect your personality for the dcor of your mirror. For a sports person, you can paste the miniature sports stuffs on the frame. Are you a sentimental person? Paste Polaroids of you and your loved ones for decorations. You can even try that creative side in you by making up effects on the frame of your mirror. You can create vintage or antique look for the mirror.

Let there be light! Then I turned on the switch.

Now anyone wouldnt wish to stay in a dark room, right (except for photographers)? Or even in a poorly-lit room when your eyes work doubly hard to see things. Choosing for the lighting fixtures may seem to be mundane tasks but is actually a bit difficult one to do. Whats an impressive bathroom if the lighting doesnt do any justification for it?

Below are some simple tips that would help you find the right vanity lighting that will literally and figuratively brighten up your bathroom:

When buying lights, make sure that they are unexposed. Buying unexposed ones will avoid glare that may cause pain to your eyes.

For smaller bathrooms, a soft light will give it the illusion of big. The best thing about soft light is that they are energy saving as well as easy on the eyes. Therefore, small bathrooms can benefit a lot from soft lightings.

When choosing types of lights for the bathroom, you need to look at the type of ceiling that you have. For lower ceilings, vertical or tube lighting will work best. Suspended or chandelier lightings are best for higher ceilings as they will also create a dramatic lighting effect on your bathroom.

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Wrought Iron Fencing Beauty And Security In One Package

By Ben Weissman

Fencing provides many aspects of home dcor and safety, doubling as a form of security around the property and a decorative addition to a property. While wooden picket fences have become a dominant form of fencing, using iron fencing for both security and decoration is still a popular method. Why might you opt to use wrought iron fencing to surround your property instead of less expensive materials?

First of all, a fence is constructed for several purposes, but the main thought is security. Your fence should be geared for two security needs: keeping unwanted people and creatures out, and maintaining the safety and security by placing a boundary to keep pets within. Of course, fences have also become a show of pride for many homeowners, built in artistic and architecturally pleasing manners for aesthetics as much as for security. Using wrought iron as a fencing material can make your home quite secure while also adding a particular style to your property.

Wrought iron is more expensive than wood because it is sturdier. Wood can easily be splintered, broken, or simply removed, allowing a trespasser to enter your property. It can also be easily damaged by the weather, pulled down in strong winds and storms. However, with a wrought iron fence, you reduce many of these risks. A wrought iron fence cannot be bent or broken without special tools, and maintaining the slats close together insures that no one can pass through them to enter your property. Often, these fences are topped with decorative spikes that are difficult and even painful to climb over, further enhancing security.

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At the same time, youll find that using the more expensive wrought iron fencing will increase property value because of the sheer nicety of it. The material is preferred by many because it has a sleek design with cleaner lines. Also, the openings between slats allow the world a view of what is probably a carefully and diligently maintained lawn and garden. Often, youll find wrought iron fences surrounding homes of great value and even historical homes, making it feel as though you are entering a world of the past and also allowing a full view of the surrounding grounds for passers-by to ogle.

Another nice thing about the ability to see through the wrought iron fence is that you can identify individuals trying to gain entrance to your property without any video cameras or expensive security and surveillance equipment. Always know who is at your gate before you decide to open it.

As far as a fence goes, wrought iron will also provide a sturdier gate, better locking ability, and an overall safer feeling of being within the walls of a secure castle complex. While not impenetrable, wrought iron is much more difficult to penetrate than a wooden fence, leading to greater safety and a reassured feeling that you need not worry when you go to sleep at night. With a wrought iron fence, you can guarantee both beauty and security that will leave you comfortable and content with your choice of materials.

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Instructions For Installing A Tankless Water Heater

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By Amanda Fain

While the process of installing a tankless water heater isn’t too difficult it is very different from the process of installing a standard tank water heater. The process is more in depth for a tankless water heater system. It is very important that you read through all the instructions and follow them exactly as they are outlined. This is for the safety and security of your home and your family.

Before you start you need to make sure you have sufficient space for the tankless water heater you will be installing. While they do take up considerably less room than a tank style water heater you still need to verify you have enough clearance room for it. The unit also can’t be touching a wall so you may need to install brackets. You will need to make sure it is not installed around any flammable surface at the outer part of the water heater will get very hot.

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You need to make sure you are upgrading to a tankless water heater that operates on the same type of energy source. If you currently have a gas system then purchase a tankless water heater system that also operates on gas. It is very difficult to change the wiring or pipes needed to convert from one system to another. The process is much easier if you keep the same type of energy source as you will only need to deal with a few fittings or electrical connections. For more info see

A very important issue that needs to be addressed is venting. A water heater with a tank doesn’t require it, but this is essential with a tankless water heater system. It works very similar to a clothes dryer. The heated air has to be able to escape somewhere so the unit has to be installed where there won’t be a build up of moist, heated air. This can be very dangerous to the occupants in the home as well as result in your tankless water heater not working properly.

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How To Give Your Patio Italian Country Style

By Lee Dobbins

With the warm weather approaching, its time to look at adding some style to your patio and why not think about the informal and elegant appeal of the Italian country decorating style? Using old pottery, and chippy painted items along with earthtones and subtle splashes of color you can provide a unique and interesting look in any patio. Add some great container plants and flowers and you can have the feeling of the Tuscan countryside no matter where your patio is.

To pull together your design theme you need some great outdoor dcor. Choose accessoreis which offer a simple, country design. You want to include lots of antique looking pots for potted plants – either cement or ones that have a look of plaster either plain or with designs. Think about planting some interesting arrangements that include plants that spike up as well as ones the drape over the side of the pot.

Another thing to consider that will add interest to your patio is a water feature. This can be a simple lavabo that hangs on the wall of your home or fence or you can put a great fountain in right in the middle of the patio. Choose something that has an old world look and this will add a lot of ambiance to your Italian designed patio.

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Next you need to choose your outdoor furniture. Of course, you want to pick something that is practical but you also want to keep the look of the Italian countryside in mind. These days, you can find outdoor furniture in many styles and I suggest you use a faux wrought iron style with scrolly design and a glass topped table.

Decorating with outdoor carpeting to your patio is able to help pull off the interior decorating scheme. When you are looking at floor covering for your design theme, ensure you shop for something that compliments the decorating theme in addition to the colors in the room. Look at providing unassuming waterproof mats in subtle colors which work with the other colors in the decorating approach.

When bringing the style of Italian country decorating to your outdoor patio, you want to be sure the surrounding area is lush with plants. Plant flowers as well as tall grasses and trees in the ground and include plants in planters right on the patio to add to the ambiance of your patio.

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Make Better Use Of The Waiting Room Of Your Dental Clinic

Are you running a dental clinic yourself? Do you want to provide a healthy, happy and stress-free environment for your patients? So, making the waiting room as comfortable as possible is a good way. The more at ease they feel in the environment, the more likely they are to come back to the office. Here are some decoration ideas for your waiting room that may leave a deep impression to the patients.

– Paint walls with a neutral color: a proper color of the wall can help patients remain calm. Colors like white and light blue are recommended.

– Put things that help distract nervous: many people feel afraid and tense when going to a dental clinic. Hanging dentistry-inspired artwork on the wall, adding toys that children and adults can enjoy, placing magazines on counters, setting a fish tank in waiting room are all ways to reduce stress.

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– Keep the air fresh with plants: putting out green or aromatic plants can not only help make the air fresh, but also add life and color to the waiting room.

Besides the tips above, are there any other unique ways that can make the clinic waiting room more attractive and functional? Yes, placing a flat-screen television and a DVD player to play interesting programs can be a good idea. By doing so, patients can view programs freely. Also, you can make DVDs with special purpose for exhibiting. Here is a list of things you can show on TV through the DVD player:

– Provide some common advices to help patients protect their teeth. Like brush correctly, eat teeth damaging foods sparingly, and don’t clinch or grind teeth.

– Explain the whole treatment process clearly in case someone are not familiar with what to prepare in the waiting room.

– List how you can provide the dental treatment service, and your contact information.

– Share what new smiles said about your clinic, this can build good reputation for your clinic.

When making such DVDs, you may think it is a hard job. But if you have picked up a right tool, you can also do it easily even if you are a newbie to DVD making. Yes, all you need is PowerPoint and a PowerPoint to DVD converter. PowerPoint is powerful enough to create all kinds of stunning presentations due to the animation and multimedia abilities of it. After you finish creating the DVD content with PowerPoint, convert the PowerPoint to DVD with Wondershare PPT2DVD, and then you can play the presentations on TV through DVD player.

The waiting room of a dental clinic can be a place only for waiting, but also a place for communication and to promote your business. It all depends on how you make use of it. Just make the most out of the waiting room with your talent.

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