Model Train Stuff Size And Current

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Pick a ScaleModel trains come in a wide variety of scales (measurements) ranging from the very tiny (T scale) to quite large (G scale). Where you intend to put your layout and what you want it to do will determine what scale you should choose.Also note that the individual scales of trains are not compatible with each other, so pick one and stick to it (unless you desire multiple setups featuring different scales).The most popular scale in the world is HO scale (1:87). Due to its global prevalence you will find that this scale has the largest selection of model train stuff available. In terms of model trains for beginners, this is the ideal scale because it can take some minor rough handling (children) and most trains and accessories are already detailed so you dont need to paint them or anything. This is the best choice for those more interested in running their trains than in detailing them.Electrical CurrentElectricity is what makes model trains run. There are only two forms of power and they are DC (direct current) and DCC (digital command control). Most modern model trains use DCC, which allows for multiple trains all running at different speeds very dynamic. DC on the other hand is more limited and less dynamic; turn on the power and anything on a track starts to move.Where you will most likely encounter DC only trains is in the small and/or tiny scales like T scale and Z scale. These trains are so small that they have difficulty staying on the track and pulling any weight at all (even dust on the track can stop them). Many of the older T scale and Z scale trains running on DC can now be converted to DCC and some of the newer ones already have this feature. So, be aware of this when purchasing trains, especially if you are looking at a lot of garage sales for bargains.And lastly, be aware that international measurements differ greatly, so if you buy something in Europe it may not be entirely compatible with a train set made in the USA.About Hobby StoresOh how I love them. People who work in hobby type stores generally make minimum wage and have difficulty just surviving. Why do they do it? Love. Thats right, they are there because they have a great passion for the hobby and not for the money. They love to talk and share their knowledge and because of this are tremendous resources.However, prices in a hobby store are generally much higher than similar products you can find in art stores. In particular paints and support products so shop around.

Preparing For Hvac Repair In Atlanta

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One of the basic steps to preparing for HVAC repair in Atlanta is selecting a quality HVAC company. You want to make sure the company you are choosing to repair your HVAC system has extensive experience. Once you have chosen the right company for the job, it will be helpful to prepare your home before the HVAC repair professional arrives.

Clean Up Around the HVAC Unit

One of the basic steps to take is to clean the debris from around your HVAC unit before HVAC repair in Atlanta occurs. The area around the unit should be free of debris so the environment is safe for the repair professional to work in. Keeping the area around your unit free of debris and swept clean can cut down on further repairs to the unit by keeping leaves, sticks and other problem items from clogging it.

Have a Plan for Pets

The last thing any HVAC professional needs is to have to worry about pets attacking or getting in the way when they are working. Remember, your AC repairman will need to access areas inside and outside of your home to repair your air conditioning system. Pets underfoot can lead to accidents that could be avoided. Make plans for what to do with your pets ahead of time, such as having a neighbor watch them or shutting them inside another room in your home.

Be Home During the Repair Time

It is only polite to be home at the time the technician arrives to fix your unit. While it may be tempting to run to the store and back, this can put the repairman behind schedule and will keep you in the heat of summer longer than you would like. If you are home, you will be available to answer questions and make any decisions that must be made in order to complete the repair.