The Acca P3 Module: Business Analysis}

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The ACCA P3 module falls under ACCA’s Professional (P) Level Essentials Module, and it tackles various techniques, strategies, and processes that are imperative in business analysis. It deals with the analyzation of organisations and the formulation of business plans for them. To better understand the concepts in the ACCA P3 paper, it would greatly help if topics from the F5 (Performance Management) paper are thoroughly understood.

Objectives of the ACCA P3 Syllabus

ACCA’s Business Analysis Module is all about strategies and its applications to various processes in the work environment. Here, students will learn how to apply theoretical concepts and principles in making professional decisions. In addition, they will also learn about information technology and knowledge systems and how these things can help in overseeing business processes, projects, and human resources. By the end of the module, students are expected to have the confidence in deciding which actions should best be taken by their future parent company.

Some of the topics that will be covered by the ACCA P3 paper are: Strategic action, technology solutions, project management, and quality initiatives.

ACCA P3 Past Papers

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Past papers for the Business Analysis Module are available at ACCA’s official website. These were the actual examinations taken by students during the previous years. The website has questions and answers from December 2007 to December 2012, so those who are planning to take the exam soon may choose to download it.

The P3 Examination

The P3 examination is divided into two parts, Parts A and B, which are both 50% of the grade. Part A is composed of one case study and the information included is usually 3 to 4 pages long. Part B requires the examinee to answer two out of three 25-mark questions. It is quite similar to Part A because it also deals with case studies, but the case background and the information provided are much shorter.

The Expected Answer

In order to pass the ACCA P3 paper, it is important for students to know what the examiner looks for in their answers. For the P3 module, the examiner would like to see how well the student can apply his or her knowledge of principles and frameworks to the given scenario. In addition, the examiner would also like to see if the student has anything else to offer aside from the theories and concepts s/he learned in class.

Passing Rates for ACCA P3 Module

The average passing rate for the P3 module since December 2007 is 49.82%. The best way to be included in the passers list is of course, to study hard and practise answering questions regularly. Students who pass the P3 paper are comfortable dealing with case studies, so being familiar with various cases will certainly help examinees be more confident by the time they take the P3 exam.

Reviewing for the ACCA P3 Examinations

Students who are planning to take the ACCA P3 examinations may be feel a bit anxious because of the long questions. The good thing is, there are many reviewers and past papers available on ACCA’s website. ACCA-affiliated websites also have review materials as well. OpenTuition has links to ACCA’s past papers, and it also has P3 sample questions that are regularly updated whenever there are revision kits. They also post links to recommended readings. To know the schedule for the P3 examinations for this year, always check ACCA’s website for updates.

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3 D Animation Is The Latest Trend In The Market}

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E-learning is the latest style of learning these days. It makes the reading and learning experience easier to understand. By the help of e-learning content, we don’t have to soak into bulky books anymore. We can read or learn anything or everything right on our computer screens as it is just a click away. E-learning consists of different components like theory, diagrams and 3D animations. It is an integral part of the e-learning process. Use of 3D animations makes the content more impressive. Many educational institutions have also started providing e-learning lessons. Nowadays, 3D animation is being used on a large scale in e-learning material. It helps us to understand the system and structure of a diagram easily. 3D animations make the content more effective, and it also brings life in a diagram or picture.

They appear more live with the help of these animations. Even the web solutions provided by some software development services for website development also include suggestions for 3D animations. 3D presents a diagram or picture or text across the three axes, making it more lively and magnificent. It is very important in e-learning industry. These 3D animations guide us through every single part of content. We can understand the phenomenon behind everything more easily by the help of these. For example, it will be easier for us to understand the mechanism behind the revolution of Earth, if we are able to see an Animation of revolving Earth despite seeing a picture of it on paper. One can easily hire a software development company which will provide professional looking animations at affordable costs.

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Actually, these 3D animations direct us to the exact point behind the content. A software development company with its experience can give you amazing 3D animation services. When it comes to the appearance of the content, we can say that it looks more interesting and soothing with 3D animations and images. Due to this software development we can see every single functioning of a certain diagram clearly, instead of just pointing its parts with heading arrows. It is widely used in presentations, projects and web solutions to make the points and descriptions clearer to the audience. We can add flashing texts, vibrant and glowing images and moving diagrams in our e-learning content with the help of 3D animations. They are also time efficient as they decrease the learning time, by simplifying it in the easiest way.

At last, we can say that the use of 3D animations in e-learning content has made our learning need more interesting and attractive. It has made the process of learning a little less boring and also keeps our interest within the content. 3D animation is a huge innovation in education, and it is also a success in the field of e-learning. This in turn has also created huge opportunities for software development services providers who are into the domain of 3D animation services. A large number of organizations prefer hiring a software development company for their development requirements.

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Graphic Design Course: Offers Opportunities Galore

Graphic design course: Offers opportunities galore



Required in a diverse number of inter-related fields such as Print & Publishing, Animation, Packaging, Retail design, corporate branding, Web & Multimedia etc. Students can become an Illustrator, Layout Artist, Brand designer, Photoshop Artist etc. and with experience and the requisite skills he/she gets a senior position of that of a Creative/Art Director.

You can maximize opportunities in this creative job only if you happen to choose a graphic design school which will give deep understanding of the concepts and provide you an opportunity to use those concepts and skills at the workplace simultaneously.

There are a plethora of institutes which are offering a

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graphic design program

. Among them, WLCI Design College has carved a niche for itself and has become a hot favorite of the students. It is one of the premier professional institutes offering an extensive training in this course along with providing you a part-time job. The WLCI School of Advertising & Graphic Design has trained thousands of students and provided them innumerable opportunities in the creative field of Graphic Design. It is one of the most sought after art and design institute in the country. This Graphic design school offers courses for under-graduates, graduates and working professionals. A brief about the courses offered by WLCI is given below.

Under-graduates: For HSC passed students WLCI offers a B.A (Graphic Design) from UK University, A Higher National Diploma from Edexcel, UK along with another prestigious qualification of Advance Diploma in Graphic Design from Wigan & Leigh College, UK. This course is split into 3 levels and offers Foundation Certificate 1 & 2, Intermediate Certificate 1 &2 and Higher Certificate 1 & 2. The curriculum is aimed at developing and honing the creativity & design skills of the students. Live projects, workshops, presentations help the students expand their vision of the course and prepare them for a competitive job in the industry.

Graduates: At the WLCI design institute, graduate students get a Professional Diploma in Visual communication which is awarded by Wigan & Leigh College, UK. Graduate students are offered a professional degree in visual communication and thus get a broader knowledge under this course. The module is very elaborate focusing on varied topics giving an in-depth knowledge of design.

Working Professionals: WLCI recognizes the need of working professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills but have time constraints. The Executive course in Advertising & Graphic design is specially designed for working people. Graduates are eligible for this course. This graphic design is split into 3 levels starting from Foundation, Proficient and Specialist. The Foundation course focuses on Photography/ Animation and is of 3 months duration. The Proficient Course is of 6 months and teaches Web Design/Animation. The Specialist course is dedicated to Web design/Advertising and is of 9 months duration.

WLCI design college students actively participate in workshops and get access to research oriented tutorials. This gives them a deep understanding of the theory, concepts and principles in the Graphic design course taught by highly experienced faculty. Students undertaking the

Graphic designing course

get maximum opportunity to work in the real industry environment, courtesy WLCI s unique Traineeship Advantage program. The students get to implement ideas taught in the classroom at the workplace through part-time job available under the WLCI s Traineeship program. The students of this course attend their classes in the morning and in the afternoon they are off to work!

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Best College Majors To Make Money

By Jamie Cohen

The top money making majors vary every year. These majors though most of the times are the hardest to complete, are usually the most rewarding at the end. I just looked up these statistics because I was curious about my major which is economics. Here I will compile a list of the top college majors to make money; I will then list the types of jobs you can get with that major.

1.)Any type of engineering. This includes Chemical Engineering ($55,900), Electrical Engineering ($52,899), Mechanical Engineering ($50,672), and civil engineering ($45,000). These majors are usually the hardest to complete due to massive homework and projects. They require a lot of mathematical skills which I don’t possess, and many other people don’t. It is not for everybody. The amounts of jobs you can acquire with this are pretty absurd. The employment growth for the majority of engineering jobs is moving at a pace faster than most occupations. The jobs for these majors include: Designing anything from bridges to skyscrapers, to creating medical advancements and much, much more, just google it.

2.)Computer Science ($50,046)- With the endless growth potential of computers and the internet, computer science skills are very important, and because of this, people who have skills in this are paid very well. Believe me when I say, I’ve tried to program on my website and it is pretty impossible for an average joe like me. I tried to outsource some of my work but it would cost a ton. The work load is a ton for this major, but if you are a fan of computers and believe in the future growth of computers and the internet, then this major is for you. Jobs for this major include: Database manager, Systems analyst, Applications programmer, Computer programmer.

YouTube Preview Image

3.)Accounting ($45,723) – If you like numbers, this is for you. As for me, I like numbers, but only on my pay checks. This major can be EXTREMELY boring, but it could be worth it for your post college opportunities. I always assume people are lazy, and people will remain lazy and don’t have the knowledge to do their taxes, accountants will always be in great demand. This job has after than average growth.These jobs include: Management accountants, Government accountants, Public accountants, Auditors

4.)Economics/Finance($45,200)- Finally, we get to my major Economics. Let me tell you about Econ. It can be fun, I mean if you are a complete loser like me. With economics you can analyze anything from tacos with computers to clowns and dynamite. It can be very interesting. But on the other hand, with the wrong professor you can have an awfully boring time. If you have an interest in this major, I recommend reading the book ‘Freakonomics’. This book really opened up my mind to economics. Job growth is very strong for finance and economics. These jobs include: Economists in government, business, academic fields.

More majors you can choose: Business Administration-$40,000, Marketing $37,500, and Liberal Arts at roughly $31,000

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Catcher In The Rye College Essays (Part 1)

By Eric Mosby

Writing college essays has never been an easy task to do, but it has become easy and doable for those guys who try to learn the art of essay writing by putting their best efforts on the line. Selecting the right kind of topic is one of the things that help out students in accomplishing their papers in a successful manner. Catcher in the rye is one of those books that are an interest of essay writers. The catcher in the rye brings different elements and moods to the readers that make them like this novel. It has been seen that catcher in the rye college essays have bring fortune to countless students because it is the right kind of topic to write about. When college essays are written on this book, the chances for winning become richer. So if you are one of those students who want to write catcher in the rye college essays, here is the information you are looking for. Read it, note down the pointers, and start off your own catcher in the rye college essays in no time.

The catcher in the rye is a novel written by J D Salinger. The novel was published in 1951 originally for adult readers. Now catcher in the rye is famous among adolescents as the theme of this novel is about the confusion youngsters feel in their teenage time including their angst, alienation, rebellion and language.

The novel was published in almost all the major languages of the world and its 250,000 copies are sold every year. The agonist and antihero, Holden Caulfield, has become an icon for teenage revolt. The main theme of the novel is about Holden caufield describing encounters he has had with the faculty and students of pency prep agerstown in Pennsylvania. Caufield criticized them for living as superficial. In other words Caufield mentioned them as phoney. He finally packs his bags when getting expelled from the school for his miserable academic executions, so he gets to New York instead of going back to his family. Then he finds a girl named sally Hayes and she becomes his girl friend. One day when they meet up at a musical and get relaxed after the skating and coffee session, Holden proposes sally. He asks her to move along with him to Midwest, but sally rapidly refuses and walks away. Then he gets into drinking and start losing his hopes on life. Soon he hears about the death of his brother, Allie. So he finally meets with her sister Phoebe who was the only person he was close to.

YouTube Preview Image

He then explains his fantasy to his sister about him being the catcher in the rye where he pictures himself as the protector of many children who are playing and running on the edge of a cliff in a rye field. Here he misunderstands the whole idea and thinks that he is the protector of these childrens innocence.

We will continue this gripping story of catcher in the rye in the next part of this article to help you write your college essays, so stand by.

To be continued

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