Facts About Perio Tissue Grafts

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Perio-tissue grafts are something dentists can do to not only make your teeth and gums healthy again, but it can make them look appealing to the eye as well. Dentists do their best to accomplish this every time they do work in your mouth. This procedure is named so because it fixes the damage that periodontal gum disease causes. That is a condition that attacks the salivary gland and gives you dry mouth. That doesn t seem so bad, but if left alone it can cause early tooth loss and much more serious problems. Your saliva makes a protective shield over your teeth, and, without that shield, you could lose multiple teeth at one time. This disease basically sets off a chain of events and can severely damage your teeth and gums. Perio-tissue grafts are one way to help correct these problems. It can make your gums straight and healthy again.

One result of periodontal disease is the recession of your gums. This can make your teeth seem too large for your mouth. Most people who have this problem are very self-conscience about smiling in public. This recession of the gums expose your roots, which make them very sensitive to the hot and cold air. There are many causes for this recession, but periodontal gum disease seems to be linked to this closely. A good indication of this is the fact that perio-tissue grafts are named after it.

It is very important to consult with your dentist on a regular basis. They can help you keep your teeth and gums clean which in turn will prevent problems like this from coming up in the future. Your dentist can also talk to you about how to keep you gums and teeth healthy at home. Practicing good oral hygiene can make a big difference in the prevention of gum diseases. It is hard to detect periodontal disease by doing just a regular inspection of the mouth. You will have to tell your dentist to do a special exam to test for that.


In order to cover these exposed roots in your mouth, you could get perio-tissue grafts. This is taking excess tissue that you have or getting it form a donor and using it to cover up the exposed roots. Basically, this is like putting a patch over a hole. Before the surgery takes place, the dentist will do a full exam on your teeth and gums to prep it and also make sure there are no other problems they need to be concerned with.

By getting perio-tissue grafts done, you are not only improving the way your gums and teeth look, you are improving their health. When you have the exposed roots covered again with new tissue, you are protecting them from further damage and recession. Last, but certainly not least, you are making it possible to smile again. This builds self-confidence in a person really quickly and that by itself it priceless. Just remember to maintain healthy oral hygiene at home, and visit your local dentist on a regular basis to help catch any problems in the future.

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