How Much Fish Oil Should I Take If…?

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By Valerie Rosenbaum

If you asked, ‘how much fish oil should I take?’ You might get a number of different answers. There is no well established daily dosage, although for adults the minimum daily requirement for omega3 fatty acids is currently set at 1100mg. In order to get that, the amount of fish oil that you should take depends on the brand and the omega3 content.

Many people think that 1000mg of fish oil provides 1000mg of omega3 fatty acids. That is not the case. The oils are a blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids that include omega-3, 6 and 9.

Most people get plenty of omega6 in their diets, because it is found in cooking oils. The value of omega9s in the diet has not been established. It is known that an imbalance of omega6 to omega3 causes a variety of health problems.

In the better supplements, at least 50% of the fat in the capsule is omega3. So, in order to get close to the minimum daily requirement, you would need to take two gel caps. Below, you will see the answers to a few other questions.

How much fish oil should I take if I have arthritis?

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Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. Inflammation is involved in other health problems and plays a role in aging. A number of different studies have found that omega3 supplementation provides benefit for people that suffer from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

The amount used in the studies varied from 1000-3000mg per day given over the course of 3-4 months. A dose of 2000mg per day is generally recognized as safe and well-tolerated. You would need to check with your doctor about taking more. If diarrhea or nausea occurs, you should reduce the daily dose.

How much fish oil should I take if I have high cholesterol?

In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, omega3s can help lower LDL cholesterol by increasing HDL. LDL particles are small. They get stuck on the interior of the arterial walls. HDL particles are larger. They pick up the LDL and carry them back to the liver. Two gel caps per day, should be sufficient for an adult.

How much fish oil should I take if I suffer from depression or anxiety?

When it comes to depression, anxiety and other conditions that involve the brain, it is the DHA content that is most important. DHA is a specific omega3 fatty acid. The amount that is in a supplement could be very low.

Studies that showed benefit in depression used 500mg of DHA per day. You would need to check the label of the product that you intend to buy. The better supplements provide at least 250mg of DHA per capsule. So, once again, only 2 gel caps per day would be necessary.

How much fish oil should I take to protect the health of my heart?

Protecting the long-term health of your heart is the biggest benefit of an omega3 supplement. We do not know exactly how much is needed to achieve that benefit. Healthy diet and exercise are once again, essential. Most supplement manufacturers recommend 2 gel caps per day.

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Alaskan Governor and Republican U.S. vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s email account hacked

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A hacker who has claimed to be loosely associated with internet group Anonymous managed to hack into the email account of Alaskan Governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 16.

Partial contents of her email account – including two family photos, email messages and contact lists – were subsequently hosted online at, a website that anonymously hosts leaked government and corporate documents. Anonymous, who were responsible for attacks on Scientology in the past, have claimed credit for the intrusion. The email account has been used by Palin for conducting government business and communication, circumventing transparency laws.

The hacker gained access to Palin’s account by answering Yahoo!’s security questions, finding the answers on websites like The hacker was apparently careless and frightened, and posted the new password on as well as a few hasty screenshots. In the screenshots were proxy data, which owner Gabriel Ramuglia plans to use to help with FBI investigations.

I read all of the e-mails in the Palin’s account and found nothing incriminating, nothing that would derail her campaign as I had hoped. All I saw was personal stuff, some clerical stuff from when she was governor and pictures of her family.

“White hat” hackers, however, have discovered that the hacker’s online identity was linked to the email address of David Kernell, the son of Democratic Tennessee state representative Mike Kernell. When confronted, Kernell made no confirmation of that. While 4chan has deleted all images of the email account, the screenshots have quickly spread to blogs and news websites online.

Former teacher makes FBI’s top 10 most wanted list

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ex-Washington, D.C. third grade teacher Eric Justin Toth, who worked at the National Cathedral’s Beauvoir school, was officially added to the top of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List yesterday, replacing Osama bin Laden, who was killed by US Navy Seals last May. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began investigating Toth in 2008 when a school camera allegedly used by Toth contained child pornography.

The FBI also believes Toth was responsible for installing a camera in the student’s bathroom near Toth’s classroom.

When Toth became aware of the investigation he became a fugitive. Toth, who also goes by the name David Bussone, has warrants for his arrest in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The FBI is currently offering a reward for up to $100,000 leading to Toth’s arrest.

Toth is the 495th person to be placed on the Ten Most Wanted List.

India successfully test-fires Agni-III missile

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 Correction — July 11, 2006 See India’s Agni-III test termed a “partial success”. 

Sunday, July 9, 2006

India‘s most sophisticated Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) to date, the Agni III was test-fired off the Orissa coast earlier today. The missile took off from a fixed platform at the Integrated Test Range at Wheeler Island at 11:05 IST (05:35 GMT) in the presence of Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee and his scientific advisor M. Natarajan.

The missile took off vertically into space before re-entering the atmosphere and splashing down near Nicobar Island in the Bay of Bengal. Three sophisticated radars, six electro-optical tracking systems and three telemetric data stations on the mainland at Dhamra, Chandipur and the Andamans, together with a ship anchored near the splash-down point monitored the missile’s trajectory. According to eyewitnesses, the missile blasted off into the sky leaving behind a trail of thick yellow smoke and disappeared out of sight into the clouds within seconds.

The Agni-III, which has a range of 3,500 km and can carry up to 1000 kg of payload, has been described as the most powerful missile developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation. The missile, which is 16 metres long and has a diametre of 1.8 metres, has solid fuel boosters and is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads. The Agni-I and Agni-II, which were the earlier versions of the Agni series developed under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP), have already been inducted into the Indian Army. Boosters for the earlier two missiles had been provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation, however, the Agni-III uses an entirely new booster vehicle.

Buy Best Baby Toys &Amp; Toddler Toys Online}

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Submitted by: Raju Sultan

Baby Toys aren’t only fun along with games – they might stimulate your current baby’s mind and actual physical development! Allow me to share our prime budget-friendly choices

Babies soon set out to take a concern on the globe – holding, chewing, rattling everything of their tiny arms. This is an excellent time for you to introduce a number of fun toys which could develop your current little explorers head!

To enable you to and baby get rolling, heres each of our pick involving 15 developmentally-friendly toys well suited for babies involving 6-12 a few months. And considering that babies outgrow issues so speedily, weve ensured that these kind of toys wont hurt your pocket book!

1) Sassy Developing Sensory Soccer ball Set

This specific sensory soccer ball set capabilities rattle beads and tactile lumps, stimulating babys impression of effect and experiencing. Your mesmerized toddlers will in addition love creeping after these kind of colourful baseballs, developing his or her motor knowledge.

Price: USD13. 57 (around S$18. 77)

2) Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Do

Babies only love participating in peek-a-boo! This developing book capabilities peek-a-boo flaps that could have your current budding viewer gurgling throughout wonder.

YouTube Preview Image

Your pull-out flaps promote babys hand-eye coordination along with fine electric motor skills. If your tot is already learning his or her first words and phrases, the six to eight pages incorporate fun rhymes pertaining to bedtime looking at.

Price: USD10. thirty five (around S$14. 33)

3) Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Physical Teether Task Toy

A teething toy consisting of soft, safe loops for ones growing one particular. This Oppenheim Doll Portfolio Orange Chip Prize winner in addition doubles as being a rattle, all to easy to clutch throughout little arms.

Price: USD10. 69 (around S$14. 79)

4) N. Toys N. One A pair of Squeeze Hindrances

This list of 10 fit blocks can be amazingly multi-functional. Tots can acquire their okay motor knowledge by stacking your bright stones, pique his or her auditory feels by squeezing your squeaky hindrances.

As baby advances, it’s also possible to teach them regarding the animal forms and figures embossed for the sides.

Price tag: USD13. 99 (around S$19. 35)

5) Manhattan Toy Basic Baby Beads Wood Rattle, Teether, along with Clutching Doll

Wooden beads strung together create a straightforward but astonishingly entertaining doll. Rolling along with twiddling your tactile beads allows you promote uncouth motor skills as part of your baby. The water-based conclude also can make it safe as being a teething doll.

Price: USD12. 99 (around S$17. 97).

6) Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

Image Credit: Fisher-Price/Amazon

No baby toy box is complete without this classic stacking toy. With five bright-coloured rings to grasp and stack, your little one will learn to discern colours and sizes in an interactive way.

Price: USD5.29 (around S$7.32)

7) Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball

Image Credit: Bright Starts/Amazon

This quirky toy offers all-in-one sensory stimulation for your active tot. To engage their motor skills, little fingers can spin the adorable frog, clack the rings about, shake the rattle beads, and explore the textured handles.

Price: USD9.99 (around S$13.82)

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On the campaign trail in the USA, October 2016

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The following is the sixth and final edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: the Free & Equal Foundation holds a presidential debate with three little-known candidates; three additional candidates give their final pleas to voters; and past Wikinews interviewees provide their electoral predictions ahead of the November 8 election.


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Free & Equal Debate
  • 3 Final pleas
  • 4 Predictions
  • 5 Related articles
  • 6 Sources

PAD plan protest for Monday; Thai political crisis ongoing

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thailand’s People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) announced a planned rally this coming Monday at the national stadium and march to police headquarters in protest at action taken against demonstrators last Tuesday. Tuesday’s protest, where attempts were made to block MPs access to and from parliament, turned ugly when police employed tear gas and other measures to disperse the PAD crowd. Two protesters died, over four hundred were injured, and reports indicate that as many as ten may be missing. The ongoing protests and demonstrations are aimed at toppling the governing People’s Power Party (PPP) who are accused of being a proxy for deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s outlawed Thai Rak Thai party.

Friday saw the remaining seven PAD protest leaders surrender to police and be issued on bail. Leaders Chamlong Srimuang and Chaiwat Sinuwong were also bailed, having been arrested and detained earlier. This follows the charges of treason being thrown out by the country’s appeals court; lesser charges, including inciting unrest, still stand.

The activist political group, founded by media firebrand Sondhi Limthongkul has occupied Government house for some time now, their demands are for a revision of the Thai political landscape which would see professionals and those in the more prosperous parts of the country a bigger say in the government. Outstanding charges of corruption against Thaksin Shinawatra who the military removed from power in September 2007 are the result of Sondhi and the PAD’s long-standing battle against what they view as vote-buying populist policies. Questionable land deals and allegations of neoptism saw an increasing number of people becoming involved in protests prior to the 2007 coup.

The ongoing crisis has impacted the country both domestically and internationally. The deputy prime minister, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh resigned on Friday for his part in ordering the police into action against protesters blockading parliament. In an interview with the Bangkok Post, the former general implied the solution – once again – lies with the army, and suggested a second coup may be the only solution to the crisis. Army chief, Anupong Paochinda, faced scorn from the PAD following his dismissal of the call for a second coup; this despite his issuing harsh criticism of the current administration.

Would another coup make things worse or better?
Add or view comments

On the international front, Thailand’s troubles saw the Prime Minister, Somchai Wongsawat, cancel a number of foreign visits. The beleaguered PM had planned to visit five ASEAN partner countries in a tour that would have started next week. Additional trips to Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar (formerly Burma) were cancelled. According to a member of the PPP this is due to the current unrest.

Adding to the woes of the ruling PPP, the Attorney General’s office has asked for a ruling from the country’s Constitutional Court outlawing the People’s Power Party. Office spokesman, Thanapit Mulpruek, outlined the content of the petition specifying that the key 37 leaders of the PPP should have their voting rights revoked for five years in light of the allegations of election fraud, or knowingly allowing such to continue. The party’s former deputy leader was disqualified during the December 2007 general election, being accused of graft. The party’s members of parliament are scheduled to meet Monday to discuss this issue and the ongoing political crisis.

Shopping For First Drum Kit}

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Submitted by: Leon Groom

Drum is one of the most popular music instruments. Drums are played everywhere, be a music concert or any religious gathering or a popular event like foot ball tournament. Many music-enthusiastics including school children and young people wish to have their own drum kits. But contrary to popular belief buying the first drum kit is not an easy one. As drum kit consists of various parts like kikdrum, kick pedal and numerous other parts, it involves a huge expenditure and planning.

First step in buying a drum kit is estimating the budget. Drums come with wide range of price tags. But the advantage here over other instruments is that one need not buy all the drums and the accessories in one go. They can be purchased one by one as and when the budget permits and can be assembled as per convenience. One can start with single drum and sticks and increase one by one gradually. Starter packs and junior drum sets are good money savers while performing quality music.

A complete drum set consists of Kick Drum with Pedal, Snare Drum with Pedal. Hi-Hate Cymbals with stands, Crash cymbal, Drum Throne and Drum sticks, and also a Floor Tom and a second mounted tom. Here are some important components of drum kit.

YouTube Preview Image

Normally, shell packs do not include stand and other accessories. Inexpensive shell kits are made of mahogany or basswood where as the higher end models use birch or maple in order to produce rich tones. The stands in which the drums and cymbals are fitted are known as hardware. Good hardware is made of chrome as they can withstand the heavy beatings. Bass Drum is a big drum fixed on the floor and a foot pedal is used to play them.

Snare drum is kept on a stand between the players legs and has head top and bottom. Tension rods are used to fasten the heads with the rims. There are series of parallel mounted metal strands tightly stretched across called snares. Snares can be adjusted using a switch provided in the side of the drum.

Toms are other drums that come with drum kit. Tom drums have deep round tones and are mounted on Mounted Toms. Toms with legs are called Floor Toms. Cymbals are one of the important elements in any drum kit. They are made of an alloy of brass and bronze. There are different types of Cymbals that produces variety of accents and variations. For beginners cymbal starter pack is the best option which consists of a crash cymbal, a ride cymbal and a couple of hi-hates.

Drum sticks are simple but are very important elements of drum kit. Many drums come with sticks and others do not. It is very important to check whether the sticks are accompanied with the drum. If not, it should be purchased along with the drums.

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2008 Leisure Taiwan launched in Taipei World Trade Center

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

This year’s Leisure Taiwan trade show (a.k.a Taiwan Sport Recreation and Leisure Show) started yesterday, with 131 companies participating including sports media companies such as ESPN and VideoLand Television, businesses selling sports equipment and fitness clubs.

There were also a variety of sports being played in the arena built for the trade show. The events included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, free style shooting, and bicycle test-riding. In addition, conferences discussed issues related to sports and physical education.

A major topic in the trade show was energy-efficiency and, as a result, bicycles and similar sports equipment were being heavily promoted.

Next Tuesday, companies from the electronics industry plan to promote their industry at “2008 Digital E-Park.” In previous years, organizations from the electronics industry have showcased their products at Leisure Taiwan instead of at the Digital E-Park, so this move has reduced the number of markets covered by Leisure Taiwan.