Danish clothing company sells T-shirts to support FARC and PFLP

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Friday, January 20, 2006

A recently created Danish clothing company is selling on the internet T-shirts in order to support the clandestine radio station of the Colombian guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the graphical workshop of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In fact the money will be used by these groups to carry on their terrorist activities. FARC activities include kidnappings, masacres, bombs, extortions and the drug trade.

Fighters and Lovers is selling the T-shirts at 170 DKK (US$27.6), from which 35 DKK (US$5.7) are to be destinated to support both armed groups.

Anna Duever, Fighters and Lovers PR chief, said to Spanish news agency EFE that their objective is to “defend freedom and social justice, which is FARC and PFLP are fighting for”. Duever believes the fact the FARC has been included by the EU in its terrorist group list is a “political game”. “We pay our taxes in Denmark, and that money is used for financing the troops our government has sent to Iraq. That’s terrorism. Besides, in Colombia there’s a regime oppressing population and torturing and killing its people”, she said.

Colombian Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolina Barco, said to local media that “financing terrorist groups is unacceptable and goes against all the international norms. Yesterday [Tuesday 19] our ambassador contacted the Danish government, we sent a protest note and have demanded an explanation.”

A year ago, a Danish NGO named Oprør (“Rebelion”) stated it had donated money to the Colombian guerrilla. A new antiterrorism law in Denmark may punish it.

German Parliament votes yes on EU constitution; French referendum may vote no

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The German Bundesrat (“federal council”) voted to approve the European Union’s drafted constitution on Friday. Only the government of the state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania abstained from voting. All of the other 15 states voted to approve the treaty. A French referendum to be held on Sunday is hovering on the edge of rejecting the constitution. If it does, and if the Netherlands rejects it next week as expected, that could destroy the chances of the constitution’s acceptance.

All 25 member states of the European Union have to approve the constitution for it to take effect. France’s support is considered key. The most recent poll on Friday indicates 48% in favor and 52% against.

Supporters say that it will unify Europe, break down internal barriers, and give the EU more strategic power in the world against American interests and other growing international alliances. Germany strongly supported the bill to prevent future European wars, and because Germany has the largest population in the EU which would give it certain political advantages.

Opponents in France are concerned about the possible effect on their country’s already double-digit rate of unemployment, as lower-paid foreign workers enter the country and increase competition. They also worry about a decline of national sovereignty and lack of democratic control over European institutions.

Former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, who led the committee that drafted the constitution, pleaded for its acceptance. On Friday he made a speech in the German Bundesrat, saying, “The day after tomorrow, I hope with all my heart, the French will in their turn ratify the constitution in a referendum. Ratification by Germany and France would mark an historic step forward for the future of the constitution and for Europe.”

Rejection would be a major setback for the French leadership under President Jacques Chirac, who is pushing acceptance of the constitution.

Nine nations have already ratified the constitution, including Germany. No countries have rejected the constitution so far.


Understanding Medical Reports Their Use And Function}

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Understanding Medical Reports Their Use and Function


Xander Rustev

From the moment that a person walks into a hospital, clinic or doctors office, medical reports will begin to be compiled on them. Not only will the information gathered for these reports include what basically and most obviously ails them but also reports will be compiled on any number of other issues and items. The end result, is a complete series of reports that cover a persons health of lack of it in its entirety.

SOAP Reports

While the doctor is talking to a patient he or she will be making observations and taking notes on a number of things. Even things that may seem to not have anything to do with the health issues at hand will be noted, such as a patients psychological demeanor. Most of this type of observational information will be included in the SOAP report which stands for (Subjective Objective Assessment Plan).

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Medical Transcribers

It is important for a patient to understand that doctors and nurses and any other medical staff for that matter do not write reports in general. There are exceptions however, when a personal report may be written as an answer to an immediate and specific need. However, barring these rare instances, the vast majority of medical reports are written by medical transcribers.

Creating the Report

The job of the medical transcriber is to take all of the data that has been compiled in the form of notes and charts and convert it into a concise and readable report. To do so they must have a well developed understanding of the structure and purpose of medical reports and medical terminology as well.

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Understanding Medical Reports Their Use and Function

CNN medical correspondent to be named US Surgeon General

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

United States president-elect Barack Obama has chosen Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a medical correspondent from the American television station CNN, to be the next United States Surgeon General. Gupta, also a neurosurgeon, was reported to be chosen because of his background in broadcasting and skills in communication. He is currently the host of House Call, a program on CNN, a columnist for Time Magazine, a contributor to CBS News, and also a part time worker at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. He will likely leave all of these positions to serve as US Surgeon General.

Dr. Joseph Heyman of the American Medical Association supported Gupta, stating “If chosen, Dr. Gupta’s communication skills and medical knowledge could be a boon to the new administration’s health system reform efforts.” Conversely, Doctors Steven Woloshin and Lisa Schwartz from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice stated that the next Surgeon General would need to “…demonstrate skills that are too often missing in medical news on TV: skepticism about the science and a careful analysis of both the benefits and harms of medical care.”

According to reports by sources close to the discussions, Gupta met with Barack Obama on November 25 in Chicago to discuss the position. He later met with several advisors to the president-elect, including Thomas A. Daschle of the US Department of Health and Human Services. He was reported to tell Obama that he wanted the Surgeon General position. Gupta declined to comment about the situation yesterday, but did state that he plans to accept Obama’s choice.

Over 60 illegal miners die in South African mine fire

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Over 60 miners were killed in an abandoned gold mine shaft near Welkom, in the Free State province of South Africa, after a fire broke out inside the mine.

36 bodies from the Harmony Gold mining company Eland mine shaft were brought up earlier on the weekend from depths up to 1.4 kilometers (1 mi). On Tuesday, 25 more bodies were recovered by other illegal workers.

“We suspect there was a fire on the 18th of May. We never saw any smoke. Over the weekend [30 May] we were informed by other illegal miners that people had died,” said Tom Smith, Chief Operating Officer for Harmony’s South Region, “The bodies are not burnt. It seems more of a case of gas or smoke inhalation. I don’t know if there are any more bodies down there, we just have to wait.”

The workers may have died from poisonous gasses, smoke inhalation, suffocation, cave-ins or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Harmony gold mine will not send anyone in to the mine as the conditions are extremely dangerous and abandoned shafts are without safety equipment. Illegal workers may gain access bypassing security at one mine site, and exit via a series of interconnected underground tunnels many miles away.

Harmony is internationally the fifth largest gold mining company and has bought up old, abandoned mines.

Police were seeking relatives to help identify the bodies, and are instigating an investigation into the circumstances.

Almost 300 “gold pirates” were arrested over the past two weeks at the Eland mine shaft alone. Thousands of illegal workers can be underground, and remain working for weeks and months continuously. “These are ex-miners and unemployed people – we need to target the syndicates,” said Smith.

There are over 4.18 million unemployed in South Africa due to the economic decline, and another 1 million may soon join the ranks.

Susan Shabangu, the minister of mining, extended her condolences.

Welkom, with a population of over 400,000 is located 160 kilometers (99 mi) northeast of Bloemfontein, the provincial capital.

State Farm Insurance allegedly destroying papers

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Zach Scruggs, a lawyer for United States Senator Trent Lott, says that State Farm Insurance Company is destroying records related to claims for damage from Hurricane Katrina.

The records allegedly contain information saying that State Farm fraudulently denied insurance claims made by its policy holders, including Lott, that had homes there were damaged or destroyed when Hurricane Katrina came ashore on the Gulf Coast.

Scruggs said that Lott has “good faith belief” that many employees of the insurance company in Biloxi, Mississippi are destroying engineer’s reports that were inconclusive as to whether or not water or wind was the main cause of damage to the buildings affected by the hurricane.

Lott is among thousands of home and/or business owners who had their property damaged or destroyed during the hurricane and had their claims denied because State Farm claimed that their policies don’t cover damage caused by floods or water that was driven by the wind.

State Farm has not issued a statement on the matter so far.

Is An Ominous Scratching Sound Coming From Your Hard Disk?}

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Submitted by: James Wallis

Hard Disk Drive Crash

Take the case of computer systems. We become so used to working on the computer on a regular basis that we are rarely ready to face the consequences if things go wrong. This is truer of a computer hard disk drive crash than of anything else. It comes like a bolt from the blue and disturbs our entire way of functioning.

It might be that when one tries to switch on the computer it simply refuses to boot. All efforts in that direction come to no avail and the screen remains blank. Besides this an ominous scratching sound may start to emanate from the disk. This is a serious problem. It is indicative of nothing less than a crash of the hard disk drive.

Functioning of a Hard Disk Drive

In order to understand the problem of a hard disk drive crash, it is important to first understand the mechanism of a hard drive. Only after knowing how the disk drive functions can one understand the nature of the problem.


Hard Disk Platter: A hard disk platter is a circular disk within the hard disk drive. It is circular in shape and the magnetic media of the disk drive is stored on it. Generally multiple platters are mounted on a single spindle of the hard disk drive.

Read-Write Head: The read-write heads of the hard disk drives are those mechanisms that, as the name suggests read or write the data from the magnetic fields of the platters.

Lubricant Layer: This is the topmost layer of the platters and is made of a substance similar to Teflon.

Carbon: There is a layer of sputtered carbon just below the lubricant layer.

Magnetic Layer: This is below the layer of carbon.


The magnetic layer of the hard disk drive stores all the data. The two layers of carbon and the lubricant like material saves this magnetic layer from coming into accidental contact with the read-write head of the disk.

The platters move at an exceptional speed and the data is read from, or written on to, the magnetic layer by the read-write head which flies above the surface of the platter. As the read-write head flies over the platter surface its height is controlled by a thin film or layer of air entrapped between the platters and the slider surface of the read-write head.

If the read-write head comes into direct contact with the surface of the disk platters then the head can scratch through the protective layers of sputtered carbon and the lubricant material. This is called a head crash or a hard disk drive crash.

Cause of a Hard Disk Drive Crash

The cause of a head crash can be a minute particle causing the read-write head to bounce against the platter disk. The head is made of hard materials that can scratch through all the protective layers. If the head bounces against the platter while the latter is rotating at a speed equivalent to thousands of revolutions per minute then the head is bound to scratch the platter surface.

This destroys the magnetic layer of the platters. If the head begins to drag over the platter then the data loss can be tremendous. Besides this the head will end up overheating making at least parts of the hard disk drive temporarily unusable. Even the possibility of further head crashes increases as particulate freed on account of one head crash are scraped on to the platter surface.


The only remedy to this untoward incident will be to switch off the computer system immediately. Having shut the system, a professional data recovery company should be contacted without any further delay. Trying to reboot the system is bound to complicate the matters further. One should always keep in mind that in case of a hard disk drive crash, there is little, in fact nothing that can be done by an untrained individual. Any delay in contacting the professionals or attempts to remedy the situation may destroy data permanently.

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Google launches online payment service

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google has today launched its foray into the world online payment processing with Google Checkout. This is considered by many to be a rival to the payment giant PayPal, owned by eBay. This service is currently only available to U.S. residents.

Google has created the service in a similar way to PayPal. There are two types of Google Checkout account, Buyer and Seller. Only a Seller account can receive payments through the service, a Buyer account can only make payments. This is tied in very closely with the Google Adwords service — adverts selling items can now display a small shopping cart icon — which indicates that the advertiser accepts Google Checkout as a method of payment.

The selling rate is also closely tied in with the Google AdWords service. Other online payment services generally charge a set percentage per transaction, whereas Google Checkout credits you with a certain amount of “free transactions” when you purchase Google AdWords (For every US $1 spent on AdWords, US $10 in sales can be processed at no charge) — or a rate of 2% plus US $0.20 if the Seller is not a Google Adwords subscriber. There are no charges associated with Buyer Accounts.

Currently, Google Checkout only accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Credit Cards for inclusion on a buyer’s or seller’s account. They also offer a special deal for users of a Citicard credit card — US $5 (or 1000 ThankYousm Points) for signing up. Google has announced its’ intentions to “to make the service available to merchants internationally” in the near future.

No Guarantor Loans Get Your Funds Without Any Compulsion}

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Submitted by: Jenni12 Powell

Credits are not only the method for exchanging cash from the bank to the borrower. Truth be told is the long haul standing and a human relationship, which is associated however the method for financial loaning. The no guarantor loans are shrewd loaning course accessible nowadays from online credit moneylenders. This course leaves shrewd way towards meeting the monetary crises, and keeping the credit stream high up. In the event that you are a genuine borrower, who has been forcefully hunting down the no guarantor loans, however have not quite recently run over any sound alternatives, you certainly need to make a gone through. Presently, this implies you need the functional techniques set up. Here are few pointers that you require to consider:

Check out the administration level understanding of the loan specialist. It is your initial move towards the believable loaning. On the off chance that the administration level understanding is immaculate, clearly, you have it on the top need. You know it well that the credit moneylender is honest to goodness, and meet your interests. Sound and unequivocal administration level understandings will fill your heart with joy fructifying and critical. Besides, you will have the No Guarantor Loans running over your way.

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Check out the loaning techniques took after by the online credit bank. You must make certain that the credit bank is going to have a drawing in effect in your monetarily powerless life by offering you no guarantor advances. At last, the reason for thinking and advance disbursal lies just with you and no one else.

If it is the corporate or the business advance, you have to approach the credit loan specialist for a duplicate of Soft Corporate Offer (SCO). This is going to make you trust that you are in contact with the honest to goodness credit loaning organization, who comprehends your money related necessities.

It is additionally fundamental for you to comprehend the mode and recurrence of income. Simply figure, if the money is streaming into your record after long interims, clearly, the circumstances won’t work friendlily to your greatest advantage.

Make beyond any doubt the online credit loan specialist is putting forth you adaptable money related needs and an extraordinary regular method for stuff around there. The advance ought to furnish with differentiated and more extensive alternatives on the no guarantor credits and keep you inspired, and constantly above in the life. In the event that assets are coming, you unquestionably have the quality life around.

The above note on the no guarantor credits is not any sort of treatise, but rather the way towards effective loaning. These sorts of credits are only one kind of choice around, and you must make sure on it. It is the typical loaning and acquiring knowledge, as well as quite a bit of it lays on the sheer trust. In the event that you are building the trust with your moneylender, it is all the increases for you. Furthermore, you are going to make the most of your life, without being troubled under the credit.

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