Unlocking Confidence In Public Speaking Through Workshops

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Unlocking Confidence in Public Speaking Through Workshops

Public speaking is a valuable skill that transcends careers, life stages, and even personal pursuits. Whether you’re a corporate manager, a student, a teacher, or a social advocate, the ability to effectively communicate your ideas and exude confidence when addressing an audience is pivotal. However, public speaking can be daunting for many people due to several factors including stage fright, social anxiety, or a lack of appropriate communication skills. This is where the value of public speaking workshops comes in.

Public speaking workshops are specially designed programmes that aim to bolster one’s confidence and aptitude in delivering speeches, presentations, or talks in front of an audience. These comprehensive training sessions run the gamut from tackling psychological barriers such as fear and anxiety, mastering the art of storytelling, to refining speech elements like diction, vocal control, pacing, and english accent & pronunciation.

The Surprising Power of English Accent & Pronunciation

Throughout the journey of acquiring strong public speaking skills, one of the factors that often flies under the radar is proper english accent & pronunciation. Pronunciation is the way the words are spoken, which can vary dramatically in English across different regions and cultures. Accent, on the other hand, refers to the distinctive way a group of individuals from specific geographical areas or social groups pronounce words.

The importance of english accent & pronunciation is not to be understated. Accents can greatly impact the listener’s comprehension of the speaker’s message. Mispronounced words or a heavy, unfamiliar accent can be a distraction and may disrupt the flow of your presentation. Controlling and modifying your accent and pronunciation can make your speech clearer and more impactful, resulting in more effective communication.

Workshops on public speaking often incorporate modules on improving english accent & pronunciation because they contribute remarkably to the overall impact of the speaker’s delivery. They help the speaker to use the correct tone, accent, pronunciation, and pauses, removing potential semantic barriers that might impede the communication process.

Shaping a Powerful Speaker

Public speaking workshops equip participants with the tools and techniques to develop an impressive delivery style. They help individuals to gain a comprehensive insight into the different aspects of verbal communication, such as body language, voice modulation, intonation, english accent & pronunciation, and much more. These workshops are instrumental in shaping a powerful speaker out of an ordinary individual. And the surge in self-confidence that comes with mastering public speaking skills often has a cascading effect on one’s professional and personal life.

So, if you harbor a fear of public speaking, are eager to hone your speaking skills, or simply want to enhance your English accent, then enrolling in a public speaking workshop can be a transformational choice. It can not only equip you with the essential skills to face an audience but also empower you with a stronger and more resonant voice that reaches out and drives change.

Mastering The Art Of Public Speaking By Practice

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Understanding the Importance of Practice in Public Speaking

Effective public speaking is an acquired skill, and like any other skill, it improves with practice. Many accomplished public speakers were not born with innate oratory abilities. Instead, they devoted significant time and effort to practice and improve their public speaking prowess. Regardless of your current skill level or experience, you can also fine-tune your presentation prowess and become a compelling public speaker with the right guidance and consistent practice.

Undoubtedly, the ways of learning and honing public speaking skills have evolved significantly with the advent of technology. You can now enhance your presentation skills right at your comfort by enrolling in a specialized presentation skills online course. This approach allows you to learn, practice, and perfect your public speaking techniques from experienced tutors right at your home’s convenience.

The Power of Practice in Public Speaking

There’s a saying that “practice makes perfect,” and this is especially true when it comes to public speaking. The volume of practice directly impacts your comfort level and performance while addressing an audience, hence the need for consistent practice. By having continuous exposure and performing repeated drills on essential speaking techniques, you can overcome anxieties, improve your voice modulation skills, enhance your nonverbal communication, and ultimately, connect better with your audience.

An excellent resource for achieving these objectives is a well-structured presentation skills online course. Courses like this provide you with a wealth of information on various elements crucial to public speaking. They can offer tutorials on principles like voice modulation, correct posture, eye contact, body language, and stage movement. More importantly, they can guide you on how to manage stage fright, a common challenge for many public speakers.

The Role of Feedback in Practicing Public Speaking

It’s crucial to know that practicing public speaking isn’t just about repeating speeches over and over. The quality of your practice matters and for it to be effective, you need regular, constructive feedback. A structured presentation skills online course can provide you with this much-needed feedback.

Such online courses typically feature learning modules where your speaking abilities are assessed regularly, and constructive feedback is provided to help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement. The single most powerful feature is the ability to replay your practice sessions, giving you the chance to scrutinize your performance and work on identified gaps, thereby promoting a continuous learning loop.


In the journey to perfect your public speaking skills, practice isn’t merely an option—it’s a necessity. Whether it’s a corporate presentation, a toast at a wedding, or a keynote address at a conference, you can make your mark as an eloquent speaker with frequent practice. An excellent way to start is by signing up for a presentation skills online course. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, so begin your practice today, and take that next step forward towards becoming an accomplished public speaker.

How To Break The Glass Ceiling

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Submitted by: Craig Lawson

I am sure you have heard the term glass ceiling before but do you know what it means? It refers to the phenomenon that many women experience in the business world. They find that they can only rise up so far up in the company hierarchy before slamming into a glass ceiling that stops them from going farther. There have been many changes in the business world over the years and in some cases women have burst through the ceiling to the top of their field. Unfortunately there are many others that still find that they need help breaking through to the other side.

Executive Coaching for Women is a great way to get the additional training that you need to advance your career. There is not a guide book for being successful in business whether you are a man or a woman. The closest thing that you will find is Executive Coaching Workshops for Women. They provide an educational resource as well as a support system for business women. Executive Coaching Workshops for Women often provide peer feedback and review in a group setting. You can be surrounded by other women that are in the same position that you are in but not in competition with you. You can discuss problems that you have experienced and get other peoples perspective on how to solve those issues. It is beneficial to be able to throw around ideas without worrying about the consequences. Many women find that to be an effective team leader that they can never show weakness or let their guard down. Some think that to get ahead they have to show that they can work harder than a man just to get the same amount of recognition. That can be hard to deal with alone and often times just having some kind of outlet will relieve a lot of the stress that they may be suffering in their career. Executive Coaching Workshops for Women are often the first step in changing a career for the better.

Executive Coaching for women can have many advantages:


It can increase your chances of being promoted

It can give you increased confidence and job fulfillment

It can give you better problem solving abilities that will result in less job related stress

The group dynamic can give you a support system of people that know the problems that you are facing and can help you come up with solutions

There is no such thing as too much support for a business woman in today s world. Executive coaching and mentoring for women is a great way to effectively do your job with an opportunity to advance in your career while feeling confident with your decisions. Leadership Development can help stimulate your thoughts to where you can teach what you have learned through executive coaching and mentoring. Executive Coaching teaches that it is not what you know but it is what you don t know that makes you successful!

About the Author: Article written by Craig Lawson with Clickready Marketing. For more information on

executive coaching for women

visit their site at http://www.executivecoachingandmentoring.com.



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Download Exam Good Avaya Acss 7893 X Exam Q&Amp;As}

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Submitted by: Morris Porreca

Some of the test data on the site is free, but more importantly is that it provides a realistic simulation exercises that can help you to pass the Avaya 7893X exam. This will not only lead to a waste of training costs, more importantly, the candidates wasted valuable time. Here, I recommend a good learning materials. Examgood Avaya ACSS 7893X test guide are compiled according to the latest syllabus and the actual 7893X certification exam. We are also constantly upgrade our training materials so that you could get the best and the latest information for the first time. When you buy our Avaya ACSS 7893X test guide, you will get a year of free updates.

Avaya 7893X Sample Questions are designed according to the updated curriculum given by Avaya. This Avaya 7893X Sample Questions highlights the most vital and anticipated contents regarding the test and exclude all of the unnecessary details. It provides a shortcut way and prevents you from over digesting the whole of 7893X book that is not possible too. Avaya ACSS 7893X test guide from Examgood will certainly assist you in gaining the knowledge and experience needed to study for your Avaya exam.



Our Examgood Avaya ACSS 7893X test guide have 100% accuracy. Purchasing products of Examgood you can easily obtain Avaya certification and so that you will have a very great improvement in IT area.How far the distance between words and deeds? It depends to every person. If a person is strong-willed, it is close at hand. I think you should be such a person. Since to choose to participate in the Avaya 7893X certification exam, of course, it is necessary to have to go through. This is also the performance that you are strong-willed.

We know your needs, and we will help you gain confidence to pass the Avaya 7893X exam. You can be confident to take the exam and pass the exam.The appropriate selection of training is a guarantee of success. However, the choice is very important, Examgood popularity is well known, there is no reason not to choose it. Of course, Give you the the perfect Avaya ACSS 7893X test guide, if you do not fit this information that is still not effective.

From related websites or books, you might also see some of the training materials, but Examgood Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS is the most comprehensive, and can give you the best protection. Candidates who participate in the Avaya certification 7893X exam should select exam practice questions and answers of Examgood, because Examgood is the best choice for you.

Examgood Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS contain the complete unrestricted dump. So with it you can easily pass the exam. Examgood Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS is a good guidance. It is the best training materials. You can use the questions and answers of Examgood Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS to pass the exam.About the 7893X exam certification, reliability can not be ignored. Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS of Examgood are specially designed. It can maximize the efficiency of your work.

In addition, Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS provide a year of free updates, so that you will always get the latest Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS.Examgood training product for Avaya certification 7893X exam includes simulation test and the current examination. On Internet you can also see a few websites to provide you the relevant training, but after compare them with us, you will find that Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS not only have more pertinence for the exam and higher quality, but also more comprehensive content.


Examgood is a professional website to specially provide training tools for IT certification exams and a good choice to help you pass 7893X exam,too. Examgood provide Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS for you to consolidate learning opportunities. Examgood will provide all the latest and accurate Avaya ACSS 7893X exam Q&AS for the staff to participate in 7893X certification exam.

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Training, Boarding And Pet Grooming In Pennsylvania

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byAlma Abell

Welcoming a canine companion into your heart and home can be one of the most rewarding decisions you could ever make. With that decision comes a lot of responsibility. Having a great source of support to help you manage these responsibilities will help ensure that your furry friend gets everything that he needs during his long life. Opting to use a service that provides training, boarding and Pet Grooming Pennsylvania will make things more easily managed.

When you first bring your dog home, you will have to decide what steps you are going to take to train him. Without training, you will find yourself with an unruly and difficult dog. It is in both you and your pet’s best interest to begin training immediately. You do not want your dog to adapt to any poor habits while waiting for training to begin. Working with an experienced trainer can make the training come along more productively and effectively.

There will likely be times that you need to leave your dog behind when you go out of town or when you have to work long hours. During these instances, you can make your dog more comfortable and give yourself peace of mind by boarding him in a trustworthy pet lodging facility. If your hours at work would leave your dog home for many hours each day, you could opt to place your dog in doggy daycare so that he gets the attention and playtime that he needs to be the happy dog you want him to be.

Grooming your dog is about more than just keeping him clean. Grooming can help keep the skin, coat and nails in great condition. If grooming is neglected, the dog could suffer from cracked and broken toenails, matted fur and a buildup of dead skin cells on the skin. All of these things will make your dog uncomfortable and could affect his health.Working with a single establishment that is experienced in training, boarding and Pet Grooming in pennsylvania will help your pet get to know the people who will be working with him regularly. It will help you stay organized and feel that your dog is being treated with someone who cares for him the way that you do.

Purchasing A Volkswagen From Boardwalk Auto Group

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By Ronald Cringer

Boardwalk Auto Group is one of the leaders when it comes to new and used automobiles. The group covers auto dealers such as Boardwalk Audi, Boardwalk Ferrari Plano, Boardwalk Maserati Plano, Boardwalk Porsche, Park Cities Volkswagen, McKinney Volkswagen, Lamborghini Dallas, Ferrari of San Francisco, Maserati of San Francisco and Boardwalk Volkswagen. Their new car showrooms feature Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati and Volkswagen.

Many people who have purchased a vehicle from Boardwalk Auto Group may have worked with Brian Ongaro. He is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The guy definitely has great skills and techniques when it comes to auto retailing, which is known for its complex procedures and system. With Boardwalk Auto Group being one of the best retailers of new and pre-owned autos in the United States, one can safely say that the Brian Ongaro is further refining the process of buying, selling, and sourcing of autos.

It is easy to purchase a Volkswagen from the Boardwalk Auto Group. You can get a quote from their website first. Requesting a quote does not put you in a contract where you will have to buy one afterwards. It is a great deal for people who want to compare quotes from various providers of new and used Volkswagen in the United States. You can also call the dealer’s landline to inquire for prices and inventory.


You can also visit Boardwalk Auto Group’s Boardwalk Volkswagen. One of Boardwalk Auto Group’s dealer of Volkswagen is based in Richardson, Texas. It buys and sells new and pre-owned Volkswagen. Financing is also possible with this Volkswagen dealer so people who do not have enough to buy a car today, can get the auto he or she wants and pay later in convenient installment basis. The showroom is open on weekdays and on Saturdays. From Monday to Friday, you can see new and pre-owned Volkswagens from 8 in the morning to 9 in the evening. It closes much earlier at 7 pm on Saturdays. The parts and services departments are available at 7 in the morning and closes at 7 in the evening. It also closes earlier on Saturdays, at 6 pm.

If you are looking for a particular model, body style, year and price range, searching for a Volkswagen online is the easiest. You can specify the auto you are looking for by choosing the make, model and other specifications from the drop down menu. However, visiting the showroom is highly recommended if you know you want a Volkswagen but want to see and touch (something you cannot do online) your options.

Applying for Volkswagen financing is also easy. In fact, you can apply online. You just have to complete a form that will require your personal detail including name and address, contact details such as phone number and email address, and your employment status including your annual income and social security number.

In addition, Boardwalk Auto Group is reliable when it comes to parts and services. As mentioned, the company has a dedicated department for parts and services that are open six days a week. They are the best source of factory certified parts. They also have well trained auto technicians.

About the Author: To connect with

Brian Ongaro

from Boardwalk Auto Group on Twitter visit





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Nostalgia For A Childhood In Musicals: A Series Of Blogs.

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Submitted by: Musicline School Musicals

1: A Nativity for a Non-Native.

My name is Victor Coupe and I m a half-Venezuelan, half-British atheist, brought up by incredibly liberal and loving parents. When I first came to the UK as a six-year-old, I knew embarrassingly little about British Christian culture. I arrived in September 1999, and a few months later, I was to witness my first nativity.

In my early childhood I d always loved performing, although up until I first arrived in England these mainly came in the form of show and tell type things and, as my mum will painfully never let me forget, dancing naked in front of small crowds on beaches. Whilst Venezuela is a strongly Catholic country and around Christmas it s not uncommon for people to have miniature mangers [pictured] in their houses, the idea of a performed Christmas nativity was alien to me. I actually still remember my first one, it was a musical performed across the road at the local infant school, and my sister was an angel (how times change!)

I remember sitting on the floor of the infant school hall, watching as the colourful cast of characters from Christian folklore came to life. I remember loving the colours of the shepherds, and the big outfits of the three wise men. I also remember Joseph falling over, crying, and recovering enough to whimper his all-important lines, as well as the little boy who was playing a wise man pulling down his big hat over his face to hide him from the audience. But even these little inevitable performance glitches were charming and all part of the experience.

I loved it, and I needed to be part of it.

2: Grandpa s boredom and the Good Guy Rat .

As a kid, I loved drama and regularly performed as part of an after-school youth theatre group. In the run up to Christmas of around 2002, I was ten years old, and eager for my first big role. The play that was being put on was a version of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, written by the man who ran my after-school club, and whilst the music was pleasant and I even got a dramatic death, it wasn t amazingly professional.


The plot of this Pied Piper tale involved a character called Tiny Tim , as well as a good rats who fight the evil rats before the pied piper arrives at the town. Sound ludicrous? You re not the only one who thought so. I did actually find a more traditional and professional version of this play recently, which I really wish I had performed instead!

Children s Christmas musicals come in many forms, and it must be said that my grandpa was always supportive of my acting talent, and thereby has probably seen more scenes of shoddy child acting than even the casting crew for the first Harry Potter movie.

Tiny Tim was delivering a speech about how sad he was about the rats, when I heard a familiar noise reverberate around the room. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was incredibly loud, and cut through the action like a knife.

Before my gran could give him a disciplining slap, my granddad s snore rumbled the theatre. Woops!

3: Phileas Fogg in Around the Script in 8 Days.

People sometimes talk about theatre in terms of transferable skills. The ones that are often cited are confidence, social skills and team work, but when I was at the end of my primary school career I learned a new one.

It was early in 2003, and I auditioned for a part in my school s production of Jules Verne s Around the World in 80 Days. When I landed the lead role of Phileas Fogg I was ecstatic, and couldn t wait until I started learning the songs. I was ten years old, so with four years of experience I felt like I was a pro when it came to children s musicals. I was at near end of my primary school career, and I had the arrogance of the biggest year group in school.

However, I was struggling with a duet that I had to do with a girl who was to be my romantic interest. I didn t struggle with feigning attraction (I was a professional by this point remember), but I found it hard to distinguish between vocal melody and harmony.

I ve always had quite a bad memory, and because I had the most lines, I always requested that I have my script on me at all times in rehearsals. About a week before the first matinee performance, I realised that I knew none of the words.

What followed was an intense week of me going through every scene, every line, every moment until I went on stage a week later and gave the performance of my life; it was the first time I had crammed, and the skills I learned then haven t failed me since.

4: Romantic Prop Sabotage and a Speechless Headmaster.

For the first few years of secondary school, I performed as part of a youth theatre group outside of school, and when I was thirteen I was in a version of the Dickens classic David Copperfield. I played the role of the headmaster, responsible for putting on the gruffest voice a pre-pubescent boy can affect, and disciplining a group of kids my age or older.

Musicals for kids are a great chance for youths to socialise and create friendships, and for me some of these have lasted to this very day. Thespians are also known for their open approach to love, and even as a child it s no different.

She was a pretty blonde girl and everyone knew I had a crush on her. Her name was Felicity Dunn, and she was playing part of the chorus, as well as one of my students. I loved rehearsal times, because I had a pretext in which I could talk to her, and as I had just found myself at an all-boys grammar school, this was a huge deal.

It was the second night of our run when I opened the register, and at the top of the list of names someone had scribbled a question.

Hey its Felicity will you go out with me?

I was stunned. Nothing in my professional career could have prepared me for this. I looked down, and I saw a little blonde girl grinning from ear to ear. I blinked, cleared my throat, and just about managed to recover, and when I left the stage at the end of the act we laughed so hard my mum said you could hear it over the sound of the applause

About the Author: By Victor Coupe – Musicline School Musicals




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Views On Illegal Immigration}

Posted on February 22, 2022February 23, 2022Categories Communication Skills Training

Views On Illegal Immigration



Immigration can help our society and our economy because it can further strengthen our image as the great melting pot and increase our tax base. The current argument by many conservatives against immigration is very shortsighted, believing first that it’s even possible to send back 12 million people. Trying to send back 12 million people would cause incredible chaos and tie up our law enforcement system in an incredible mess. The auxiliary arguments that are included in this conversation, such as increased crime and drugs, the concern about making English our national language and border security are valid points but not enough to cause America to move away from their inherent principles of being a melting pot where many people and cultures from around the world may find a better life.

This issue goes to the heart of American principles and combined with the negative fallback from the war on terror, this critical issue can help raise American prestige around the world. Sam G (Immigration Hysteria 2007) gives an excellent example of the state of American values in the Immigration plight, “Firstly the majority of the Hispanics did not come here to stay and breed with the so called citizen’s. They wanted to make a descent living and working condition nothing more. In exchange we got a cheap hard working human slave in exchange. Nobody recognizes this hard working human for what he is. If given an easy and proper channel to exit the country he will rightfully do so and go back to his loved ones back south of the border. We did not do enough to stop them at the border and did not give him a chance to leave either. Illegal Immigrants have no voice compared to the loud noise from the critics and feel like crying in the wilderness by themselves. United States is viewed as a beacon of hope in the rest of the world and we should live up to that expectation, remember with “Great power comes Great responsibility” we have the burden to be right even when are wrong. We should embrace the founding values and not be pigeon holed or scare in our own minds.”There are those who believe something is sinister in the Immigration argument, something devilish. Most agree that better security measures must be taken but to attach terrorist leanings to the immigrants that arrive through Mexico, most believe is stretching. However, that sentiment persist. In Townhall.com article, Immigration Ire By Rich Tucker Friday, June 15, 2007 , he expresses the feelings of those that sight the security concerns for handling Immigration strictly and harshly. “It’s long past time to close off the border. After all, the Pew Hispanic Center estimates there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. and that 40 percent (4.4 million) have been here less than five years. Thus they’ve arrived since Sept. 11. We have no idea who these people are, of course, or where they’re living. What we do know is that there are a virtually limitless number of potential terrorist targets in the U.S. and that it’s impossible to protect all of them. At any time, a suicide bomber can detonate on a commuter train or in the middle of a busy store. We’ve been protected so far by good police work – authorities have broken up dozens of terrorist plots – and by the fact that it’s difficult for our terrorist enemies to convince people to kill themselves. Simply put, self-detonation isn’t a growth industry. But let’s suppose that a mere one-half of 1 percent of the illegal’s who’ve come here in recent years have terrorist leanings. That’s still 22,000 people. Considering it took only 20 terrorists to kill 3,000 Americans, that’s a scary number.” There are good arguments for both sides of the immigration debate. Its seems a great twist that Bush is for the Immigration measure along with Democrats while the biggest opponents are Bush’s conservative base. The Immigration debate still has much debate before some change will be enacted but all agree that it is very necessary for the healthy future of our country to have a good immigration legislation. Many argue we don’t need new immigration laws. We need to start enforcing the immigration laws we have. There are some consensus that most can agree with. First we should complete the border fence. Bush signed the Secure Fences Act of 2006. We need to finish building that fence, make sure it’s patrolled and give it time to work.Second lets identify all Illegal’s and make sure we know who they are and whether they have committed any crimes. Those that have, we can begin the process of sending them back. Third, let’s make it easier for employers to verify the immigration status of workers, and let’s hold those employers accountable when they don’t.Whatever we decide to do we won’t make everyone happy. Anytime your dealing with human emotion and possible separation of family you are going to cause tension. Just by inquiring and trying to identify who the illegals are will cause controversy. A clear, simple and well publicized plan must be made aware and implemented to have the best results. It is our American principles at stake and this as well as many other issues of the day should be handled with the utmost care. If we can master these principles deftly, of tightening our security, tactfully identifying and separating illegal’s and then to convincing the American public and the world that we are just, fair and safe, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish as American people and should further assist in reestablishing our image in the world.

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Canada Immigration

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Views On Illegal Immigration}

Tips On Selecting Time And Attendance Software, A Time And Attendance System

Posted on March 1, 2018March 1, 2018Categories Communication Skills Training

Tips on Selecting Time and Attendance Software, a Time and Attendance System


Bruce Anderson

Most Time Attendance Software industry articles will give you the advice that the first step in selecting the right Time and Attendance System is to determine your needs, which is more often than not easier said than done. Until such time that you have a reasonable or better understanding of what the various TimeandAttendance products are capable of, it can be difficult to know exactly what you require. Even if you do, your needs are probably going to change as you continue to see nice to haves in the additional products that you review. All of this is why TimeandAttendanceCompare.Com was created. Its a user-friendly software selection tool that details the options and features of industry-leading Time and Attendance Systems. When you use the Software Selection Tool, you will specify which features and options you absolutely require, which might be of interest to you, plus you will give a weight to the importance of each. Upon completion of the survey, you will be presented with a list of the Time and Attendance Software products that best meet your particular needs. From that point you may select to receive a free demonstration on as many products as you are interested in.

Tips for Comparing Apples to Apples

Now its time to schedule the free demonstration and take the next step in your Time and Attendance Software selection process. The demos are going to vary considerable in skill and presentation so it can be difficult to compare the various systems. This is where it is best to participate heavily during the demonstration presentation; if you want to compare apples to apples, you need to make sure that you see the apples do the same thing. Aka you need to standardize the demos. Ask each presenter to run you through a few standard processes that you have picked during each demo. For example, a walk-through of the steps to adding a new employee, creating a schedule for that employee, doing some keyboard and time clock punches, and review the exceptions. This way you can grade each product on how well or how poorly they handle each of these functions. If there are specific reports that you must have, make sure to request a demonstration of those reports and how they are created.


Time and Attendance Software Support

Just as you standardized the sales demonstrations, you should also standardize how you view the support for each company. This can be a very tricky area to get solid answers but it is worth asking some questions and getting references. Ask about hours, response times, costs, product improvement updates, and government compliance updates. Ask whether updates are included as part of the annual support. You should also ask what happens if you uncover a bug in the system. What are the steps to resolving such a problem? Make sure they have a process through which you can report problems. They may not show it to you but it is good to ask the questions.

Making Sure the Person Responsible for Your HRIS Implementation is Qualified

In our archive, you will find an article called How to have a successful Time and Attendance Software Implementation. Its full of tips on selecting the best team to implement your TimeandAttendance Software. It has the five tips for ensuring success.

Why Number of Installs and Length of Time in business are Important

We included the number of installs and length of time in business of our participating Time and Attendance Software, Time and Attendance System vendors for a reason: They are important. The more installs they have done provides a greater opportunity to correct as many issues as possible. The longer they have been in business can offer insight into the stability of the company. Generally speaking, the longer theyve had their products on the market, the cleaner their applications will be.

Bruce Anderson is the president of TimeandAttendanceCompare.Com, a website that offers free tools for finding

time and attendance

software.Read more about

Time and Attendance Software

on TimeandAttendanceCompare.Com.

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