Chinas Msr: A Strategic View From India}

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Chinas MSR: A strategic view from India






Chinese President Xi Jinping rolled out the ambitious Silk Road plan in late 2013. The project which aims to connect Southeast Asia with Europe through the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean is being founded on economic benefits for the entire region. There is no doubt that such a plan would strengthen the regions connectivity and bolster Asias economic integration. However, the road map to realizing this plan has serious underlying strategic implications for India, which cannot be ignored.

The Strategic Lens

Looking at the MSR against the backdrop it was launched, it becomes difficult to ignore security and strategic undertones of the project. President Xi announced the initiative during his visit to Indonesia in 2013, at a time when Chinas neighbours were beginning to voice their concerns over the developments in the South China Sea. The Scarborough Shoal incident in 2012 had garnered international attention to the disputes and with the change in Chinese leadership in 2013 there was a new sense of nationalism in defending what China considered its own. If Deng Xiaoping advocated hide your strength and bide your time[1], the current leadership is advocating a stronger foreign policy to achieve the great Chinese dream[2]. To achieve this dream, China will have to emerge as a strong leader, be a responsible security provider and influence the security and economic environment globally. Establishing a favorable status quo in the South China Sea was only a natural choice.

Chinese assertiveness in fortifying its claims in the South China Sea flows naturally from Beijings maritime outlook linked to its path to be a great power. It caused tensions in Southeast Asia with the Philippines and Vietnam defending their claims with equal vigor and protesting Chinese actions on the matter. Soon, Chinas immediate neighbors were alleging Beijing of intimidation and bullying leading to souring of ties between Beijing and some of its Southeast Asian countries. The South China Sea also put ASEAN to test as a regional institution and brought forward its weaknesses and challenges. As Chinas relationship with ASEAN members entered troubled grounds, other disputing nations turned to extra regional powers for support and to stabilize the situation. China opposed international engagement on the issue and continues to warn US and other nations to not aggravate the situation.

However, one cannot aim to be a great power with poor relations with its own neighbours. In September and October 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang ventured on a charm offensive[3] visiting Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, and Vietnam as well as attended the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the East Asia Summit (EAS) in an effort to mend ties and foster better relations. Chinas charm offensive incidentally coincided with Washingtons government shutdown at home, leading to an American absence at regional platforms during the time. As the international community began to debate a weakening American influence in the region- due to Washingtons commitments in other parts of the world- China took the opportunity to present itself as a regional leader both in the economic and security space. At APEC and EAS, China emphasised on regional connectivity and cooperation presenting itself as a credible alternative to lead and manage the issues in Asia, to begin with. It was also at this point that China took the mantra of Asia for Asians[4] which is essentially to imply that there is now a time to create a structure and security framework which can be conceived, run and sustained by Asia and perhaps led by Beijing. China adopted the policy of win-win[5] cooperation where it will help its regional partners develop, as it marches down the path of growth and development itself.

Xi Jinping announced the launch of the MSR during his trip to Indonesia[6] capitalizing on the need for better regional connectivity and infrastructure development. Whether viewed from the economic lens or security, there was no denying Asias need for connectivity corridors and the market available for it. The rise of China and its ambitions to realize the great Chinese dream too, relies heavily on better connectivity within the region and beyond.

If China was being assertive in the South China Sea, it was also being a leader in presenting alternatives addressing economic needs of the region. Whether it is Vietnam or the Philippines in Southeast Asia or India on the west of Malacca, Chinese economic opportunities are as difficult to ignore as its underlying strategic implications.

Sino-Indian Competition/Great Power Rivalry

China and India are both rising powers and considered to be two giants of Asia. However, Indias lack of a leadership directive for the region has placed China ahead of the game in some sections. Beijings growing economic weight and its domestic reforms has allowed China to project its influence in regions far from its shores. Chinas slow and steady increasing presence in the Indian Ocean has forced India to re-evaluate its own maritime policies. The MSR connects the Western Pacific to Europe through the Indian Ocean, an area of primary interest to India and the Indian navy. It is in fact a theatre of geo-politics where India considers itself an eminent power. In the Indian Ocean, it gives China leverage in regional politics in an area which is otherwise considered as Indias sphere of strategic influence. It presents Beijing as a credible regional leader, willing to address challenges through cooperation; which India is struggling to articulate at this point in time. More so, it brings China to proximity of Indian interests challenging New Delhis way of engagement with its neighborhood.

However, for Chinas dreams to materialize, it will have to increase its presence in other parts of the world. If China is no match for the world super power militarily, U.S. is no match to Chinas economic initiatives supported by a credible investment framework. Chinas connectivity map for the world could place Beijing at the great powers table, increasing its influence and stake in world politics.

It is important to note at this point, that great power rivalry of the 21st century appear to be different than what history suggests. China is not looking to overthrow American dominance in the world, at least not yet. It has benefitted immensely from the current security order and is only looking to present itself as a parallel leader. Instead of a bipolar world, China is looking to create a multipolar world[7]where it can be a strong leader with great power abilities. Establishments such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) are an example of Chinese leadership without breaking down existing mechanisms. Much to Washingtons disappointment, the AIIB presents China as a credible actor in addressing Asias economic concerns. The example of AIIB is also suggestive of what China can accomplish through economic initiatives. Despite strong opposition from US, traditional American allies such as the UK and Australia signed up for the initiative. It is also indicative of a changing geo-political trend toward a multipolar world and more so, a shift from the post Cold War order as far as security and strategic initiatives go.

For the smaller island nations of IOR, Chinese investments mean an alternative to a space traditionally dominated by one player- India. Where India lacked a vision, China rolled out a structured framework in achieving its foreign policy goals. New Delhi had little choice but to join the AIIB, given its economic benefits and Indias own need for capital to boost its infrastructure gap. However, Indias decision to join the MSR has not been that easy, even though it compliments New Delhis own connectivity and infrastructure development plans. Whether the MSR was an intentional strategic initiative or not does not rule out the fact that it is yielding benefits toward Chinese ambitions of becoming a global power.

Security Concerns

The security concerns in the maritime space at large can be summed up in the words of Admiral Scott H. Swift, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Addressing a conference on maritime security in Canberra, Admiral Swift noted On one side is a potential return of might makes right after more than seventy years of stability. On the other is a continuum of the international rules based system that has served us all so well,[8] which one do we choose? Arguably the region is involuntarily turning toward adopting new security architecture as an effect of current geo-political shifts. As new powers continue to rise and claim a stake in security frameworks, established rules and norms are bound to be challenged. It is this change which is so uncertain, is creating concerns and strategic suspicion regarding new developments in the region.

India and China has interacted with each other since ancient times. However, the two Asian giants are only starting to communicate in the maritime space now, unfortunately in a hostile environment. How the rising powers of the region manage this new relationship with overlapping strategic interests will shape the new security order in the region. The issue is not about rising powers, it is an accepted custom that every developing nation with great power ambitions, will question and contest established norms. The issue is the rules and norms that follow this rise and how the global community accepts it. The issue for India is how the new norms affect New Delhis strategic and economic interests? China, at this point has more economic and strategic clout than India at the global stage. India is no match to Chinese ambitious connectivity plans and is forced to open its own projects to Chinese investments. While opening up to Chinese investments can be credited to the new government with a pragmatic China policy[9], New Delhi has to balance between infrastructure needs and strategic interests. A serious security concern with Chinas connectivity plan is the growing relationship between Beijing and Islamabad. Gwadar is not a stop on the MSR map and Beijing has a bilateral economic corridor with Pakistan- China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), rather than as part of the Road initiative. Regardless of Pakistans absence from the MSR map, Chinese engagements with Pakistan would ultimately merge with the MSR, creating a serious security concern for India.

The current government is conscious of Indias dire need to improve connectivity at home and beyond esp. in the border areas. If Modis government is pragmatic enough to identify the economic benefits of Chinas infrastructure initiatives, it is also conscious of undermining New Delhis strategic outreach. Speaking at a conference on Asian Connectivity, Indias Foreign Secretary warned against the reality that others may see connectivity as an exercise in hard wiring that influences choices[10]. The other issue with Chinas connectivity projects, in particular the MSR is the lack of clarity in the structure and roadmap in realizing the initiative. Where there has been a clear mandate on how the project will be achieved and what are the stakes involved, India has responded positively regardless of strategic concerns. A case in point is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), where India is the second highest stakeholder in a Chinese initiative competing with established mechanisms to fund and address regional economic needs. New Delhi does not see the clarity of the AIIB structure while considering the MSR. Chinas MSR is much rather a work in progress, where Beijing is gauging reactions before it unveils a fully developed plan, if there is one. For a nation which always defines a clear plan, method and process to its economic initiatives, the MSR is rather weak in its structural layout. It took Beijing almost 18 months to issue an official document on the MSRs road map.[11]

When compared with active Chinese engagement in the Indian Ocean region, the MSR unfortunately leans heavy on strategic implications. Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean is no longer a possibility, but a reality. Although at this point, it is not easy for China to project power militarily in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR); investments in the island nations of the IOR through the MSR or at a bilateral level would give Beijing a legitimate foothold into the affairs of the IOR. A significant economic investment would invariably increase Chinas stakes in the region laying the foundation for its military which naturally follows economic interests. Chinas growing engagement with Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, the docking of submarines in Sri Lanka, the Gwadar port and the China-Pakistan Economic corridor only add to Indias suspicions regarding the MSR. Beijing is making headway in port development in the region providing an insight into Chinese ownership of these ports in others territory. While the debate about turning these ports into bases could be regarded as hawkish, the possibility of an increase in Beijings military facilities in the region is not far from reality. It is true that a military base does not serve the same purpose as a military facility esp. during times of war; these facilities can serve immense strategic leverage in a world where nations are looking to project influence while avoiding armed conflicts. It would be naive to consider Beijing did not calculate the strategic leverage the MSR would provide, if materialized. It would be more so, to think China is wrong in iits ambitions; every rising power has the right to expand its presence and India would do it too, if it could. It is Indias own great power ambitions, which make it necessary to weigh Chinese strategic imperatives of the MSR.

The Road Ahead

As this essay has laid out above, there are serious security concerns regarding Chinas MSR. These concerns mostly surround Indias own strategic influence in the region, rather than worrying about China dominating the connectivity game or getting ahead of India. What is the best way to respond to MSR that would address Indias infrastructure needs without compromising New Delhis strategic interests? Unfortunately, there is no one answer to that question. India will have to pick and choose invitations to different initiatives based on its interests weighing its advantages and loses, if any. Where India sees opportunity, it supports corridors which are a part of the larger One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative such as the Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar (BCIM) corridor.

The point to remember- China is not the only option India has to bridge its infrastructure needs, although it may have the most capital to invest. Japan and U.S. are quickly emerging as good alternatives for India and Tokyo is competing with Beijing in its infrastructure diplomacy. While India continues to weigh the strategic pros and cons of joining the MSR, it can expand collaborations with Japan to boost its connectivity corridors. New Delhi is already opening its doors to Japan in areas which has traditionally been closed to foreign investments. The Modi government has welcomed Japanese investments in Indias Northeast region[12] and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands[13] areas with incredible geo-political advantage.

Indo-Japanese relationship enjoys more trust than the Sino-Indian relationship. If the new geo-political shift in Asia is deepening competition and rivalry, it is also opening up avenues for cooperation between nations of the region. If China is being vague in laying out its MSR policy, then New Delhi should take advantage of the current space to collaborate with other nations of the region. Japan is enthusiastic with its launch of Partnership for Quality Infrastructure (PQI) which coincides with Indias now Act East policy[14]. Tokyos PQI appear modest in its scale and scope but it compliments Indias situation. Chinas rise and its consequent affect on regional security have put India on a pedestal at the regional level opening up areas of cooperation. This of course could not have been achieved without New Delhis shift in its policies to step away from its isolationist mode and engage better with friends and partners, old and new. Indias initiatives such as Make in India which has a certain focus on port development, is being supported by Japan. Tokyo in 2015 committed $12 billion[15] to Indias Make in India program and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced an increase in loans to Indias initiatives[16]. The positive outcome is India has choices to take forward its ideas and India is willing to take a decision on these choices. The political will to take a new look at the region, re-evaluating Indias international engagement policies, considering the ongoing geo-political shifts is a trademark of the current government. It is time India took a realistic approach to issues surrounding its interests. Indias policy on economic and security collaborations may have served New Delhis interests in the Cold War and its immediate era, but the current security environment demands a fresh outlook, if India wants to remain relevant in the geo-political environment. While the pace of this shift may be slow compared to regional expectations, it is a significant development and needs to be recognized.

As far as China is concerned, India is engaging with Beijing in building a more robust economic corridor through BCIM and is participating in AIIB, shaping the discourse on connectivity corridors. If the MSR does not address Indias security concerns, India should turn to its next best alternative to achieve its development goals.

If the MSR truly comes to life, it can only benefit India while giving New Delhi the time to scope out its strategy to deal with the security concerns. China is looking to be a responsible leader breaking free from the notion of a free loader riding on the current order. In laying out a vision to integrate Asia economically, Beijing is displaying its leadership qualities. It is unlikely that China will restrict Indias use of the ports and corridors built through the MSR, simply because India was not a member of the initiative. There may be limitations on concessions and privileges for not being a member, but Beijing has failed to formulate a clear plan on the structure of membership, its rights, stakes and responsibilities. As of now, the MSR appears to be more at a bilateral level, which can later be connected to present as a bigger project.

Any development that has been made in port infrastructure in the IOR is the result of bilateral agreement between nations rather than the outcome of a grand strategic plan to integrate the region. India has laid out its own plan to boost its port facilities and increase its maritime trade capacities.

India in April 2016 launched the inaugural Maritime India Summita global platform for investors to explore potential business opportunities in the Indian Maritime Sector[17]. There is recognition within Indias new leadership that New Delhi has long ignored its maritime frontier and the economic opportunities from a strong maritime industry. Mod

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Tips For Duck Hunting In Texas

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byAlma Abell

If you want to achieve your objectives in Texas duck hunting, you may need to observe some tips to apply in the game. Like any game, perfection does not come at once. You have to work your way up the ladder to achieve a professional level. The following are some of the tips you may apply in your duck hunting adventure in Texas, to achieve a professional level. Although you may not have the best duck calling skills, these tips may help you achieve your goals.

* Keep your calling simple: Keep your sounds simple. Real life experiences in duck hunting reveal that sounds you see in duck hunting competitions are only meant to please judges and not actually applicable in the field. Therefore, for successful hunting of the greenheads, it is advisable to keep your calls simple, strategic and to the point.* Start on a low note and work up: With calm and steady voice, you are likely to lure your way as many ducks as possible. If you want to achieve better results in Texas duck hunting, you may need to learn what sort of voice to apply in a given situation. However, in some situations, you may need to apply a stern voice. A rule of thumb is to begin on a softer note and increase gradually.* If you are hunting in a group, it is advisable to choose your group leader to guide others to make contented sounds. This helps in reducing overcalling or making too many aggressive sounds. Quacks, feed chatter, and drake whistling are the major sounds to learn in duck hunting.* Mimic their language. This is important in duck hunting, as the ducks are more likely to get attracted to a given place if they hear a sound like one of their own. If you can learn to blow a sound like theirs, you can attract them without much difficulty.

These tips, together with others not mentioned here, mare important if you are considering Texas duck hunting. Your ability to draw the ducks to your direction and make a shot is important in the whole adventure. Beginners as well as professionals find these tips helpful. In the end, the destination you choose to carry out your activity also plays a role in the whole adventure. In Texas coastal gulf, there are many facilities to choose from.

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Amsterdam Sex Museum

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By Michael Smallet

Welcome to the first and oldest museum of sex in the world, the “Temple of Venus” in Amsterdam. This is one of the leading museums in the area of sensual love with a huge collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, photos and even sexual shows. All exhibits are personally collected by the owners and are exhibited in their 17th century building on Damrake. Temple of Venus first opened its doors in 1985. It was a hard time, because the initial collection was only limited to a small collection of erotic objects from the 19th century displayed in several windows. At that time, nobody was sure whether the idea would attract people. The reaction of the first visitors, however, was so enthusiastic that the owners decided to expand the collection: the audience and the public were fascinated by the newly emerged museum. Now their success seems quite understandable. Before the opening of the Temple of Venus in Amsterdam, you could find a museum devoted to almost any imaginable topic, but the historical and artistic aspects of sex and sexual relations remained in the dark, even depsite the fact that the topic is so intriguing to almost everyone. It is very likely that ‘the most natural topic in the world’ is at the same ‘the most historic topic’ in the world as the history of cultural dimensions of sex relations goes back to the very first days of the humanity.

Art of love, for centuries, took a thousand and one form and it is what the Museum of Sex in Amsterdam wants to show us. Due to continuous growth of the collection at one moment it became necessary to expand the premises of the museum. By will of fate, during one of the first renovation exercises, between the foundations the workers found two erotic objects: a fragment of Delft porcelain tile depicting a man with erection playing cards, and a small antique bronze figurine of Hermes. It turned out that this latter figurine was brought from the Mediterranean by a Dutch merchant almost a hundred years ago. Wasn’t this finding an omen of the following success of the Museum of Sex in Amsterdam? Anyway, over half a million people come to visit the Temple of Venus every year making it one of the most visited museums in Amsterdam. In recent years, many other museums of sex have opened, including those in Berlin, Copenhagen and Paris, but it seems that none have a success comparable to the Temple of Venus. The collection is exhibited in the two back parts and one front part of the museum building, as well as the specially designed staircase connecting the premises. It is am exciting maze of rooms and corridors where the visitors enjoy a breathtaking spectacle.


The large and interesting exhibition in the museum shows the diversity and fascinating history of eroticism, a unique place that every tourist should consider visiting while in Amsterdam. It is located conveniently, nearby major Amsterdam hotels, and can be reached either by foot or using the city public transport system.

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Living In A Glass World

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By Rodney Jansen

This article will probably make a few video production/editing company’s cringe. It certainly wouldn’t be an observation they would be writing about on their blog.

like you, I have been mesmerized by the latest television shows that fall in the category of ‘reality shows’ where the audience gets to ease drop in on someone’s personal life, business life etc. This trend seems to be tapping in to a basic truth about people’s nature.


In a media world where everything is edited, photoshoped, bleeped etc. people are looking for something REAL. They want transparency.

Gone are the days where you can hide behind your company’s corporate image perfectly designed by advertising agencies; or if you happen to be a public figure, shielded behind your image team who is constantly doing ‘damage control.’


I am reminded of the story of the congressman who assaulted the college students on a Washington sidewalk when asked a question. The students flip cam was on and recorded the entire confrontation and it went viral within a few hours. The congressman failed to realize that we are now a living in a very different world; a world where transparency is no longer an option. It’s time to throw out the term ‘living in a glass house’.

It’s now more like we are ‘living in a glass world’.

With the information age and the internet news travels in almost Real time. Now everyone is a reporter because of phones equipped with cameras and video capabilities. Twitter and Facebook are quickly becoming the micro newsrooms of our day.

There is no stopping this trend. It is the new way that we are interacting and communicating.

If you are a business or public figure, it’s time that you learn the new rules of engagement. People want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you are a hotel that is advertising a sparkling swimming pool as one of your amenities, Then it had better be sparkling. Otherwise, someone is going to go to the internet and right a negative review or ‘Tweet’ their experience on Twitter.

I you are willing to take my advice, it is to just keep it real.

One person who has figured out this new trend is a social media guru by the name of Gary Vay-ner-chuk. He is the founder of a video blog called ‘Wine Library TV’ that he launched on YouTube in 2006. It became a phenomenal success for several reasons.

The one that I wish to point out for this article is his ability to connect with his audience in a real way. When the camera is turned on, you get it all. No bleeps, no edits.

His show creates a feeling like Gary is in your living room and you are sitting around the dining room table talking shooting the bull. It’s funny, it’s educational, it’s real.

The next moguls of our new media world will be the ones that learn the value of keeping it real. You can’t hide behind your mistakes; besides people want to see those too. Embrace this new trend. Make it work for you.

One way you can do this is by creating video blogs of what your business is doing. This is a new trend that you are seeing now all over social sites like YouTube. But remember, Leave the cameras rolling, even if you have to sneeze.

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Chinese Women’s Town: Humen Town, Dongguan City

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By Weihua

China’s only a “Chinese Women’s Town” – Humen, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, the center of economic corridors. Excellent location combined with a flexible operational mechanism, to form a rapid reaction of markets to industrial clusters, so that China Humen has become a major fashion production base and markets. As the materials used trendy, avant-garde style, affordable, Humen apparel sales throughout the country, are exported to overseas; Humen Women of the popular trends in the domestic industry has been recognized as a barometer of the fashion market.

Humen Town, the implementation of market-oriented apparel brand strategy. SMEs in non-public ownership economy as the main body Humen clothing, attitude varied, vibrant, after 20 years of development, particularly since the mid-90s, Humen Town, established and implemented the “clothing shangxingzhen,” “fashion city” strategy since the , the region’s production and sales as the main strengths of women’s apparel industry and the market to mutual promotion and rapid development, forming a large-scale cluster of nine industries.

One enterprise clusters: Currently, Humen town the size of more than 1,000 garment factories, in which more than 300 foreign-invested enterprises, private enterprises more than 600. Second, the market clusters: Since opening in 1993, Fumin Fashion City, since the Humen and now owns 18 large-scale professional garment wholesale market, and medium-sized cloth market 6, the market a total area of 30 million square meters. Third, store clusters: Humen Town, exclusive clothing shops and more than 8000. Fourth, industry clusters: the town more than 70 million people employed in the garment up to more than 20 million people, including private and individual business owners representing more than 3 million people. 5 the customer clusters: the formation of a daily 8.1 million customers a huge flow of people, so that not only sold to all parts of Humen garments, there are nearly 1 / 3 exported to Europe and the United States, Asia-Pacific countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.


6 transport clusters: Humen clothing market has a complete set of shipping companies 30 more than at any time by the customers requirements or vice versa, by sea, land and air through various channels, the goods shipped to the country and transit around the world. 7 is a complete cluster: the clothing production as the core, the town has formed a weaving, stereotypes, zipper, dyeing, rust and other supporting factories nearly one hundred stab home; and have hundreds of advertising professional, cultural transmission, Internet companies have emerged, in order to brand management and improve the quality of services to businesses. 8 is the product clusters: the production of mainly women’s, men’s auxiliary; mainly casual wear, formal secondary; both young and old, fashion. 9 is a labor clusters: From big market labor Humen Humen intellectual talent development center, trade unions employment agencies, employment services to achieve department, Union mediation, Humen law firms, accounting firms and other institutions.

Deeply rooted in the market economy, a reasonable structure of soil formation is the rapid development of Humen clothing must not overlook the underlying causes. From an economic component to see, private accounts for about 70%, foreign-invested enterprises account for about 30%; businesses mainly small and medium-scale Zeyi precisely in line with the fashion industry for high efficiency and fast changing requirements. From the product structure, with women’s mainly all types of clothing are available, it is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, informed embodiment of superiority; and with the main mid-range, high, medium and low-grade combination, but also for large-scale wholesale market to adapt to the presence of . Today, Humen garments Yu Yi annual production pieces (sets), the product best-selling country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, gradually occupied the country and the world apparel market place.

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Christmas In Leicestershire

Posted on January 7, 2018January 7, 2018Categories Public Relations

For a trip to Leicestershire this winter time, just remember to pack creativity and a sense of adventure. Extra clothes would not hurt either. Found in in the heart of England, the country offers a number of outdoor and cultural attractions. Internet travel deals are plentiful for families seeking an extraordinary getaway.

A Brief History Of Leicestershire

Leicestershire first appeared in public records around 1087. The county was originally a series of administrative districts known as wapentakes, later converted into hundreds. Leicestershire is a derivative of Leicester, a city that once served as administrative centre for the entire area. Leicester unitary authority became an independent entity in 1997, with county halls for both locations situated approximately three miles apart from one another. Cuisine, attire and livestock produced in Leicestershire are highly prized by many.

There are a total of eight districts within Leicestershire county, including Leicester. Each is home to a series of treasures waiting to be discovered. Popular outdoor attractions include:

Twinlakes Family Theme Park

Twinlakes offers a variety of entertainment in the Melton section of the county. The park is home to rides, mazes and a farm. Indoor options allow the facility to remain open even during harsh winter weather that is extremely common in the area. A winter wonderland attraction commemorates the holiday season with reindeer feedings and an indoor ice skating rink.


National Forest

The visitors centre in Moira, Leicestershire has information on attractions in the National Forest. Explore snow covered trees in one of England’s largest reforestation projects on foot, horseback or bike. Points of interest include the Ashby Canal, Claymills Victorian Pumping Station and Bradgate Park. Wildlife observation is an overwhelmingly popular activity.

Or stay out of the cold with a visit to the following indoor attractions:

Melton Carnegie Museum

The Melton Carnegie Museum in Melton, Mowbray is home to a complete history of the Leicestershire area. In 2002, a $798,905.81 United States dollar (USD) refurbishment project allowed the museum to incorporate more hunting elements into their collection, including a fox-hunt display.

National Space Centre

Located in Leicester, the National Space Centre remains one of the premier visitor attractions in the United Kingdom. In addition to six exhibition areas, the facility is also home to the largest planetarium in the country. Many guests get a kick out of the restaurant, strategically placed between two rocket nozzles.

Restaurants, Pubs

Enjoy traditional holiday favourites at a local establishment. Sample local cheese, called Red Leicester, or stop in a local pub for pork pie. Wash it down with a glass of Melton Mowbray Sloe Gin, produced with locally grown fruits. Places like The Olive Branch, Hambleton Hall and the Queen’s Head Hotel are frequented by tourists and locals.

Live Performances

A number of live performances are held during the holiday season. Orchestral performances, tribute bands and musical theatre are common throughout the area. The holiday season brings family-friendly bonfire nights, complete with fireworks and refreshments.

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Can You Use Wasp Spray Instead Of Pepper Spray?

Posted on December 27, 2017December 27, 2017Categories Public Relations

By Richard Armen

Can you use wasp spray as an alternative to pepper spray for self defense? You might have heard rumors that wasp spray works better than pepper spray. Suggestions to purchase bee spray for self defense have been circulating via email for the past few years. If you’ve gotten an email telling you to buy wasp spray for self defense, think twice. This rumor should not be relied upon for your safety. Although wasp spray might work in a pinch, there are far better options when it comes to protecting yourself.

Using wasp spray against an attacker would be using it in a manner that is inconsistent with its labeling. If your attacker is injured by the spray, you are likely to be held liable, since it is illegal to use the product in this manner. Many forms of wasp spray even warn directly on the label that using it against a human is a punishable offense. This stands even if the target of the spray attacked you first. Wasp spray is a poison, and will affect the attacker until they visit the hospital for an antidote. You could find yourself sued if you used wasp spray and it harmed your target.

Wasp spray has not been tested on humans. Its effects are unknown. Sure, it kills bees on contact, but what about a much larger attacker, such as a human? Though it might work against your attacker, it might not. On the other hand, pepper spray has been specifically formulated to cause the target to involuntarily shut their eyes, leading to temporary blindness. This product is formulated specifically to work against a human, even if they have consumed alcohol or drugs. Wasp spray, meanwhile, is meant for use against wasps.


Because there are so many different formulations of wasp and hornet sprays, the exact effects will be completely unknown until you deploy the canister. At a time when you’re being attacked, do you really want to be caught by surprise when your self defense product does not work as intended? It is believed that wasp spray would require a longer contact with the attacker in order to stop the attack. Pepper spray, however, requires just a one-second burst of the spray to bring an attacker to his knees.

One of the major reasons email rumors suggest wasp spray for self defense is because most canisters have a range of 20 feet. However, pepper sprays are now available that will surpass this range. Plus, you can find pepper sprays in the form of a keychain, a pen, and many other small devices, unlike the huge canister you’d have to carry around if you opted to go with wasp spray.

With pepper spray, you’re getting legal and reliable stopping power. There is simply no reason to trust your safety to something meant to stop wasps. The US Customs and Border Protection Agency, the United States’ largest user of chemical agents such as pepper spray, does not recommend the use of wasp spray for this off-label use. Neither do the top 8 manufacturers of wasp sprays. On the other hand, pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, its effects on humans are known, and it has been used by police and military forces across the world for more than two decades.

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