Ideas About Security Solutions In Hawaii


When networks are up, and data is moving, it can be easy to forget that security is needed. A problem with a slow network can be as bad as a down network. Information needs to be where, and when it is wanted. Using an open network may save time and allow easier access to a network but may expose a network to unauthorized entry. Security Solutions in Hawaii should consider the following suggestions:

  • It is recommended to use encryption for wireless access points.
  • Hiding an SSID should also be done, even if simply a common name is chosen for it such as wireless1 or router2.
  • If a router has web management, disable access from outside the network and change the admin default password.
  • When a web server is on a LAN, it should be on a DMZ, if the router does not have DMZ get one that does.
  • A network should also be regularly scanned for exploits too.
  • File and print sharing should be disabled in all places aside from a file server.
  • Whole disk encryption should be done on all laptop computers.
  • Doing off-site backups should be done regularly.
  • Guest networks should be turned off.
  • Router firmware should be regularly updated.
  • WPS should be turned off.
  • Using a VPN network is a good idea.

To make sure the VPN network security is at its best, there are several ways to keep a VPN network as secure as possible.

A VPN connection should be an AES-256 that also has certificate authentication. It’s also useful to do the typical checks to make sure the certificate has not been left open to a MITM attack.

A session inside a VPN connection should be self-encrypted, so this area of security is not compromised, the use of HTTP and FTP should be replaced with certified HTTPS and SFTP.

It can be difficult to secure a wireless network but when a company follows the suggestions listed above they are better able to be protected. The right kind of security can help prevent unauthorized access to data or network disruption. To learn more about Security Solutions in Hawaii contact