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Teenagers are often the new targets of cosmetics companies. Whether the cosmetic companies are peddling new lines of lipsticks or new perfumes or new face powders, those aged 16 and above are often the new clientele . Companies often appeal to the youthful idealism of the younger crowd, linking the idea of wearing makeup to beauty, contentment and overall happiness. Eventually, some of the teenagers believe the mantra, and flock to the stores to buy the different beauty products.

Cosmetics for Skin Care – Is It Safe for Acne?

Let s face it, if we just rely on what advertisers say about cosmetic products out there in the market today, we would end up buying each and every one of them, because they all purport to be the best in their categories. Do a random search on the Internet and you will see what we mean. So many promises, and no evidence that it will work as promised.

If you want to use cosmetic products to help improve your acne, then the following should be taken into consideration. Remember, not every cosmetic product is safe for acne-ridden skin. If possible, consult your doctor about using anything aside from what has been prescribed to treat your acne.



– some mild cleansers may be able to help by removing excess oils on the very surface of the skin. This would allow for less bacteria to move about. However, cleansers of this type have no bearing on the infected lesions themselves, whose main problems lie well beneath the surface of the skin. The lesions are tips of little icebergs- the war is on the sub-dermal level.




– if you live in a very cold and very dry region of the country and the dryness is making your acne itch, you may try applying small amounts of moisturizer during the coldest and driest parts of the day. Remember to check whether the moisturizer doesn t have any oil in it. If it does and you apply it to your already problematic acne, then chances are your acne will get worse.


A Word About Acne Cosmetica

– there are some instances that misuse of cosmetic products would lead to a skin condition that has very similar symptoms with acne vulgaris. Acne cosmetica, as the name implies, is the direct result of cosmetics and skin irritation. If it happens to you, simply stop using the cosmetic products.

Active Ingredients

Often, active ingredients are added by the pharmaceutical companies with good wishes and a lot of profit-making in mind. The FDA sheds light on some of these active ingredients and debunks their supposed positive effects:


Aloe vera

– for all its healing properties, the FDA states that it would take much more aloe vera for you to reap the benefits of this succulent herb. Therefore, the miniscule amounts present in expensive face creams are next to useless.



– some cosmetic products sound like multivitamins with the number of vitamins included in the cosmetic package. It might sound good, but the FDA warns that there are no conclusive proofs that vitamins or other micronutrients have any beneficial effects when applied topically to the skin.

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